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Chapter 5. Installation Procedure
1. Untar to some directory like /tmp/ (it will untar into a 'netmrg'
cd /tmp
tar xzvf netmrg.tar.gz
2. Now we need to compile and install the source. cd into the directory
made by your tar command and type the following:
make install
Note: If configure fails to locate the needed libraries they can be
manually specified. Run ./configure --help for details on the
necessary options.
3. Setup the database
Now we need to setup the database. Please change at least the password
(netmrgpass below).
mysqladmin create netmrg
mysql -u root -p netmrg < share/netmrg.mysql
mysql -u root -p
> grant all on netmrg.* to netmrguser@localhost identified by 'netmrgpass';
4. You need to modify your apache config in order to make your NetMRG
installation live (commonly in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf).
The first is to alias /netmrg to the installed web directory (commonly
Alias /netmrg "/usr/local/var/www/netmrg/webfiles"
The easier way (if you're running Apache >= 1.3) is to just Include
the conf file we've created anywhere in your file (near the bottom is
Include /usr/local/etc/netmrg.conf
You will need to restart your Apache after making config changes.
Telling it to reload its config should be good enough
killall -HUP httpd
5. Configure the Installation
All of NetMRG's common configuration options are controlled by an XML
file, normally located at /usr/local/etc/netmrg.xml. You should edit
this file to make any necessary changes before continuing with
For most installations, you will at least need to edit netmrg.xml to
reflect your database username and password.
6. Setup Permissions
NetMRG does not need superuser permissions to run, therefore we will
setup a user for it.
# useradd netmrg
# chown netmrg:netmrg /usr/local/var/log/netmrg
# chown netmrg:netmrg /usr/local/var/lib/netmrg/rrd
7. Setup crontab
You can setup the crontab entries in two places: either edit
/etc/crontab, or run crontab -e as the netmrg user. For 'crontab -e',
use an entry similar to this:
*/5 * * * * bash -c "if [ -f /usr/local/var/lock/subsys/netmrg ]; then /usr/local/bin/netmrg-gatherer; fi"
To edit the master crontab, edit /etc/crontab and add a line similar
to this:
*/5 * * * * netmrg bash -c "if [ -f /usr/local/var/lock/subsys/netmrg ]; then /usr/local/bin/netmrg-gatherer; fi"
8. Point your web browser at your install, and start graphing things! The
default login is admin and the default password is nimda. Point your
web browser at the host you built this on (something similar to and please change your password!
Visible links
. file:///home/silfreed/src/netmrg/share/doc/txt/index.html
. file:///home/silfreed/src/netmrg/share/doc/txt/installation.html
. file:///home/silfreed/src/netmrg/share/doc/txt/satisfyreq.html
. file:///home/silfreed/src/netmrg/share/doc/txt/upgrade.html