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Chapter 2. Revision History
* 0.20
Major feature enhancements and bug fixes; Fixed compilation under GCC
4.3; restructuring of view pages to show graph titles (for easier
in-page searching) and icons for graph actions; fixed mysql 5
compatibility; added device properties (keeps track of things like
model #, serial #, etc); added ability to chain interfaces to travel
between them; added ajax monitor selection on graphs.
* 0.19
Major Feature Enhancements and Bug Fixes; Major Web Interface redesign
to give more room for graphs and ease overall use. Security
enhancements behind the scenes to ensure correct permissions checking.
Added a search interface that will search groups, devices, sub devies,
and sub device parameters. RRDtool 1.2 support (including graph
smoothing); Depricated use of in favor of using
netmrg-gatherer; migrated bulk of docs to wiki; numerous other
bugfixes and enhancements.
* 0.18.2
Minor Bug Fixes; Fixed some escaping problems on the interface cache
page, disabled the 'quickprint' Net-SNMP option for better
compatibility, fixed the snmp-failure test, fixed an SVO-user view
issue, and added failover for duplicate ifNames when adding
* 0.18.1
Minor Bug Fixes; Fixed a small bug where the gatherer would not
register negative values.
* 0.18
Major Bug Fixes; Fixed an issue preventing form submissions on some
browsers, fixed PHP string escaping problems, fixed inability to
create inverted stacked graphs, and fixed parameter substituion and
documentation regarding notifications and responses. Added better
support on FreeBSDs (4.8-5.2) and x86-64 architectures (Linux and
FreeBSD), the ability to multiply summed values, MySQL timeouts,
simple value parsing (to get the numeric content out of quoted
numbers, etc), graphic icons for most actions, support for a default
external auth user (with regards to permissions), and cleaned up the
gatherer build process output.
* 0.17
Minor Feature Enhancements; Added colorized gatherer output, checkbox
support on multiple pages, the ability to disable users, fixed a
potential SQL-injection bug, updated navigation on group pages,
updated tutorials.
* 0.16
Minor Bugfixes and Feature Enhancements; fixed a user management bug
and several bugs related to 'single view only' users not being able to
see graphs, added the ability to ignore SNMP uptime checks for devices
(permitting the monitoring of broken devices), added the ability to do
an SNMP walk of an OID (useful for the Windows SNMP agent), enhanced
group/device management, cleaned up autoconf (now supports FC2), and
added experimental syslog and daemon support in the gatherer.
* 0.15
Minor Bugfixes and Feature Enhancements; fixes for various db errors
(including the infamous one on snmp_cache_view.php), better
cross-platform compilation, select all/none/invert checkbox support,
support for choosing what graph to apply to an interface, better
support for php < 4.2.0, and some security fixes for single-view-only
* 0.14
Minor Bugfixes and Feature Enhancements; escaping issues in template
dereferencing, broken links on various pages, security issues
regarding manual SNMP recaching, broken duplication on
non-cutting-edge MySQL, more parameter substitution in SQL tests,
better date parsing for advanced graph view, nav-bar and group
navigation enhancements, advanced view capability for monitor-only
* 0.13
Minor Bugfixes and Feature Enhancements; slide show ordering, previous
slide, resume slide show, better formatting of 'sums', errors on view
editing, fixes to permissions checking, and an occassional segfault in
the gatherer was fixed.
* 0.12
Major Feature Enhancents and Bugfixes; added SNMPv2 support, fixed a
bug that would cause a device to be deleted from all groups, fixed
session timeout when using external auth, added checkbox support to
interface/disk cache pages, slide show enhancements, fixed permission
issue where unauthorized users could view/edit test_* pages
* 0.10
Major bug fix; fixes a db error when trying to view monitors, a bug
that would always set the width and height to zero when creating
graphs, and makes conditions with 'rate of change' work. Many
documentation upgrades.
* 0.10pre2
This release focuses on adding new features and sqaushing bugs. In
addition, there is now an 'updater.php' that is required to be run
between versions. A minor change needs to be made to everyone's
'netmrg.xml' to add an 'externalauth' field inside the 'website'
* 0.10pre1
Initial publication
Visible links
. file:///home/silfreed/src/netmrg/share/doc/txt/index.html
. file:///home/silfreed/src/netmrg/share/doc/txt/overview.html
. file:///home/silfreed/src/netmrg/share/doc/txt/intro.html
. file:///home/silfreed/src/netmrg/share/doc/txt/installation.html