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Chapter 6. Upgrade Procedure
After doing a 'make install' as described in the chapter on Installing
NetMRG, the next step is to run the web-based updater. This is
accomplished by logging into NetMRG with administrator privileges, and
following the prompts. NetMRG's web interface will not operate normally
and the gatherer will not run until the web-based upgrade is performed.
Non-administrator users will only receive a message directing them to
contact their NetMRG administrator.
If you need to perform an upgrade, the updater will prompt you to apply
all updates. Clicking this link will perform all necessary updates for
this release.
If for some reason an update fails, or you would like to re-apply an
update for any reason, you can goto the updater and goto View all
available updates. This will present you a list of the updates that are
available and their status (applied, not applied, or error). If you have
problems updating from one version to the next, you can force individual
updates that fail so that they're considered 'applied'. Once all updates
are applied for a particular version, the database will be automatically
updated to the latest version that has all updates applied.
Visible links
. file:///home/silfreed/src/netmrg/share/doc/txt/index.html
. file:///home/silfreed/src/netmrg/share/doc/txt/installation.html
. file:///home/silfreed/src/netmrg/share/doc/txt/install.html
. file:///home/silfreed/src/netmrg/share/doc/txt/reference.html