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Batteries Included
Explore the Ballerina platform, which includes a standard library (API docs), Ballerina Central, a documentation and testing framework, and popular IDE plugins.
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Batteries Included

Ballerina includes not only the programming language but also a full platform, which consists of various components of the surrounding ecosystem. The Ballerina platform consists of the following components.

Standard Library

This contains a list of modules that help developers rapidly build applications. From HTTP and HTTP/2 to WebSockets, WebSub, AMQP, JSON, XML, ProtoBuf, gRPC, and OpenAPI.

Ballerina Central

This is a centralized module repository where you can discover modules of reusable code and assemble them in powerful ways.


Ballerina has a built-in documentation framework based on markdown named Docerina. Docerina allows you to write unstructured documents with a bit of structure to enable HTML content generation as API documentation.


Ballerina has a built-in test framework named Testerina. Testerina enables you to write testable code and provides a set of building blocks to help you write and execute tests.

IDE Plugins

We provide plugins for popular IDEs so you can code in your preferred platform.

"Ballerina will enable fast, quality, 12-factor ready deployments out of the box. The strong annotation set is a great ‘batteries included’ approach that will have Devs and Ops collaborating from the start of development."

Jim Kittle, an application architect at a leading university in the United States.

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