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Ballerina Language Server

A Language Server Implementation for Ballerina; a general purpose, concurrent and strongly typed programming language with both textual and graphical syntax, optimized for integration. With this implementation we expose the language support for Ballerina in various IDEs by adhering to the Language Server Protocol.


In the current implementation we support following language features.

  • Auto completion

alt text

  • Hover provider

alt text

  • Signature Help

alt text

  • Go to Definition

alt text

  • Diagnostics

alt text

  • Code Action

alt text


You can find the Language server integrated VSCode plugin for Ballerina at marketplace. Also Language server support for Ballerina Composer has been integrated to composer itself.

User Guide

You can find the Language Server User Guide here

How to Contribute

Ballerina Language Server is currently work in progress and feel free to follow the issue tracker for up coming features and feature requests.

Contact Us

Managed By WSO2 Inc. Dev Group : Ballerina Dev