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Proposals for new language features

This is a list of in-process proposals for major language features. Each proposal has an associated issue where comments can be made.

These proposals have been merged into the master copy of the specification for inclusion in the next release of the specification.

  • Immutable improved treatement of immutability (issue #338)
  • Non-cloning tables an approach to tables which does not require a table to clone its members (issue #47)
  • Distinct types adds nominal typing for the object and error basic types (issue #413)
  • Transactions adds language support for transactions (issue #267)
  • Isolated adds support of isolated functions, which works in conjunction with readonly types to enable concurrency safety (issue #145)

Inactive proposals:

  • XML revised design for xml basic type; mostly included in 2020R1 release
  • Query language-integrated query; partly in 2020R1 release; remainder tracked issue #340
  • Tables earlier approach to tables, in which the members of rows were cloned