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<h2>Alameda Naval Air Museum Commemorates 75th Anniversary of the First TransPacific Flight</h2>
<p><i>Living History Event to Recall “China Clipper” Departure From Alameda, CA on Historic Flight to Manila, PI</i></p>
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On November 22, 1935, over 25,000 spectators lined the shore of Pan American Airways' (PAA) base at Alameda, CA, to watch as the
China Clipper eased away from its mooring to begin the dangerous transpacific flight. The engines of the silver Martin <nobr>M-130</nobr>
flying boat roared as her pilot, renowned PAA aviator Capt. Edwin Musick, coaxed the heavy aircraft up from San Francisco Bay bound for
Manila, via Honolulu, Midway, Wake Island, and Guam. The inaugural <nobr>8,200</nobr>-mile journey, delivering U.S. Air Mail run, including
personal letters to the president of the Philippines from Franklin D. Roosevelt, was completed some 59 hours after passing over the Golden
Gate. The world listened intently to international radio broadcasts that covered every detail of the dangerous flight as it made its way
across the Pacific Ocean.
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On Sunday, November 21, 2010, the Alameda Naval Air Museum commemorated the inaugural flight of China Clipper with a living history
<nobr>re-enactment</nobr> of the actual 1935 event. Featuring a simulated radio broadcast, complete with live <nobr>re-enactors</nobr>
portraying the actual participants and dignitaries, plus vintage vehicles, and more.
<p>Those in attendance had a rare opportunity to turn back the clock and participate in what was a significant event in world and aviation history.
The museum also opened its new China Clipper exhibit to the public as part of the event.
Alameda Naval Air Museum, located at 2151 Ferry Point Rd., Building 77, Alameda CA, is registered with the State of California as a non-profit
501(c) (3) organization. The all-volunteer museum has been in operation since 2004.
<p><a href="ChinaClipperVideo.aspx">Click here</a> to see the promotional video for this event, created by Brian McMahon and narrated by our very own Kin Robles.</p>
<p>Many thanks to our <a href="C75Partners.aspx">China Clipper 75 Event Partners</a>.</p>
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