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Import Them

A given directory structure grouping some eclipse projects to their working sets and Importing them by hand is a cumbersome job. Especially when this is a regular job. To automate this work you can use the Import Them standard feature or write your own in groovy.


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In the preference page of eclipse you can see the currently used groovy script with the standard behaviour.

Eclipse Preference Page

When switching to Development you have an Import Them project in your workspace and can edit the groovy script.

If you have a folder in your workspace (only possible in Package Explorer not in Project Explorer) with a folder and project structure like:

Folder Structure

With the standard behaviour we will get two working sets sub1 and sub 2 where sub1 contains the projects sub1proj1 and sub1proj2. Working set sub2 would contain sub2proj2. When in Development mode right clicking the projects folder and selecting Import Them will execute a dry-run.

Expect you modified the standard behaviour like:

Mod Script

The dry-run will then show the following result.

Dry Run

The parameters of the script are map and selection.

The key of the map is the name of the working set, when using seekProjects it is the name of the parent parent folder of the .project file.

Selection are the selected folders in the package explorer. The selection could be traversed in the groovy script itself, seekProjects is just a default behaviour. In the example script the resulting map is edited by replacing sub1 with module1 and so on.

An example project can be found here.


Eclipse plugin to import multiple projects at once into working-sets






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