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MineFactory Reloaded

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Some of you may remember Feanorith's MineFactory mod. Unfortunately, he disappeared a while ago, and while several people in that thread have been maintaining his mods by updating them for each new version (thanks guys!), the mod itself has needed some work for a while. So power crystals set out to do that.

Oh and MFR works in SMP.

For those of you that don't remember or just never saw the original mod...

What is MineFactory Reloaded?

A way to automatically farm plants and animals, as well some new rail tracks! With this mod you can set up a completely automated farm for any of these things that requires no real work aside from collecting the harvests and reloading the planter, without incredibly complex and unwieldy water/piston solutions. And you can milk cows to death or otherwise run livestock farms if you need those resources. Oh and it has conveyor belts too.

Or, check out this video from Direwolf20: video

"But power crystals", you say, "how do I make these awesome things?"

Crafting recipes and general description

First, you need steel ingots:


Now with this you can make the other components of MineFactory Reloaded.

Next you'll probably want a Hammer. Like several other mods, MineFactory Reloaded depends on a specialized tool to rotate and manipulate its blocks. It will never become damaged and won't be used in crafting, so you just need to make one of these and be done with it:


To get your farm working, you should first make a Planter:


Place the planter underneath some dirt (or sand, if you're farming cactus). The planter can fill a 3x3 area above it, assuming the planter is in the center. It will even till fields for you if you ask it to plant things that only grow in tilled soil.

Next, you need a harvester.


(can also be crafted with an iron axe)

The harvester is placed horizontally adjacent to your 3x3 area, centered on one side. Once placed, you can rightclick on it with a hammer to rotate it. That's it really. Make sure the animated "chompy" side is facing your farm; the harvested items will pop out the opposite side (with the hole) or be placed in any adjacent chests.

Now, wire alternating redstone to these two things, put some saplings/seeds/sugarcane/etc in the planter, and turn it on. Once your plants grow, the harvester will cut them down and eject the results out the back.

"But power crystals," you say, "I don't want to wait for my plants to grow. I need food badly." Well this mod has that covered too.


(can use any of the three saplings to craft)

Behold, the fertilizer. Place this also horizontally adjacent and centered, supply it with bonemeal, and connect it to redstone like the other two. Bam! Now your plants will grow up instantly (at least until you run out of bonemeal. Time to break out the mob farms). Like the harvester, it can be rotated by rightclicking it with a hammer. In MFR 1.2 and higher, it no longer needs to be attached to a "wall" block and can be placed freestanding because that was stupid.

To move this stuff around, we have conveyor belts:


Once placed, you can again rightclick with a hammer to change the direction of travel. Conveyors can slope like rail tracks and can be hammered to go uphill or downhill as well. In addition, if a conveyor receives redstone power, it will shut off.

Before you ask, you now can collect stuff from conveyor belts into chests! You just need:


an Item Collector. Put this next to your chest(s) and aim a conveyor belt at it. When an item collides with the collector, it will be placed in the chest.

"But power crystals", you say, "I want to get leather and eggs and ink and slimeballs and-"


This is the rancher. Place it facing a 5x5 area and supply alternating redstone, and it will harvest materials from any animals it finds. The area also extends 3 squares up vertically since animals jump a lot. Can be rotated with a hammer. Supports ranching chickens, cows, pigs, sheep, squids, and slimes. Good luck on squids and slimes. You can also milk cows - open the rancher's inventory and put empty buckets in.

And in 1.3, you can now connect BuildCraft liquid pipes to the rancher and have giant vats of milk!

"But power crystals", you say, "now all my animals are dying horrible deaths in squandor while I watch from the lap of luxury!" That's industry for you! ... Ok fine:


This is the vet. It has the same target area as the rancher. Put food in it and supply power and it will use the food to heal animals.

"But power crystals", you say, "I wasn't finished! I want fish!" My god you're demanding.


This is the fisher. Place it over water and supply alternating redstone. It has a very small chance to produce fish on each pulse; the chance is proportional to the number of squares directly under in a 3x3 are that are water. It can also suck up the water under it and put it in buckets, place the buckets in its inventory like the rancher.

"But power crystals", you say, "I want to get water rom the sky! Seawater is too salty for my refined taste."


This is the Weather Collector. If you supply power while it is raining and it has a line of sight to the sky, it will fill buckets like the fisher as well as produce snowballs. In addition, if you connect it to a BC liquid pipe, it will pump water out into the pipe.

"But power crystals", you say- wait, let me guess, you want an automated cobblestone generator because everything else is automated now with this mod.


This is the Block Breaker. Provide power and it will smash the block in front of it and eject the remnants out the back. Only has a 1x1 target area, but can break anything that isn't unbreakable. Even obsidian is no match for this machine.

There's also some new rail blocks!


This rail allows cargo minecarts to pick up cargo. When a cargo cart passes over this piece of track, it will pick up materials out of any chests adjacent to the track.


This is the reverse; a minecart passing over will drop anything it is carrying in any chests adjacent to the track.


(yes that is a lapis block)

And you can do the same with people! This track will grab any player within a certain radius (about three blocks) of the block when an empty passenger cart drives over it.


And this is the reverse, dropping anyone in a passenger cart off within a certain radius if it can find somewhere to put them. It makes an effort to not drop people into lava or water or fire, but no guarantees.

Using BuildCraft engines with MineFactory Reloaded

In 1.3, there is now a config setting to switch the "power system". It defaults to "redstone" but you can set it to "buildcraft". If you do this, the machines will no longer respond to redstone current but will use BuildCraft's engines to power them. (I strongly suggest if you do that you actually have BuildCraft installed or it'll probably crash horribly)

Collecting items from machines

When a machine goes to drop an item, it will search for:

*A connected buildcraft pipe that can accept items. *An adjacent chest (or other inventory) that can hold the item *Failing those, it will throw the item on the ground. If you want to collect items in pipes, just put a pipe up to them and wait. Harvesters won't look right but will still work - see below. Note that Ranchers only drop into their "rear" side as they are the only machine that both has input and output.

Notes/FAQ/known issues/etc

The original MineFactory let you aim fertilizers vertically downward, does yours? No. It doesn't. This was removed because it was really only used for wheat farms due to how the original MineFactory was coded.

The original MineFactory de-leaf'ed trees instantly! Yes, it did. Power crystals changed it because due to the way he rewrote the harvester it was much, much easier to do it this way. Also, this way is more balanced or something.

Leaves are falling off trees while I harvest! There's two problems here. Basically, both are caused by the fact that we cannot suppress Minecraft's built-in leaf decay - when a nearby block is removed the leaves may start disappearing on their own. This can be caused by either trees spawning with leaves too far away to not decay once an adjacent block changes (very large trees can do this), and sometimes if the harvester grabs a log before distant leaves that can trigger it. The latter case we may look into but it's very low priority.

Can I change block/item IDs? Yes, look at the config file (config/MineFactoryReloaded.cfg) that will be created after the first time you run Minecraft. This also contains a bunch of other settings that may be useful and we suggest you read it regardless!

Bukkit? Check this forum. This port to bukkit is not done by me, so we may be unable to answer questions about it.

Fertilizers don't work on sugarcane or cactus (or some other plant)? Bonemeal doesn't either. If there's sufficient demand we can probably make it work but I'm trying to make this mimic how a player would do it.

My machines aren't doing anything Assuming that you actually have stuff in the inventory or for it to harvest, etc make sure that your redstone wiring follows these rules:

*If you're using a mod like Wireless Redstone that has additional redstone "source" blocks, try placing a wire between them and the machine. *The redstone current should be alternating (pulsing), not constant on. If you want an easy redstone clock, check out Eloraam's amazing mods

The conveyor belt and front of most machines are invisible or the wrong texture! If you're using an HD texture pack (via OptiFine or MCPatcher), the animations will probably not work. There is a setting in MineFactoryReloaded.cfg called "AnimateBlockFaces" that you should set to false to get the un-animated faces to appear.

Pipes aren't connecting to my harvester There's an issue with BuildCraft's API that prevents the harvester from visibly connecting. It will still behave correctly but will look stupid. A future update of either MFR or BC will fix this (depending on which end has to change to fix the problem).

In SMP, machines appear rotated incorrectly This seems to be related to the same bug that causes BuildCraft and RedPower blocks to blink in and out of existence. As this seems to be a bug in Minecraft or Forge itself, we cannot fix this. That said, they only appear wrong, they will still work correctly.

Milk cannot be placed on the ground? I did not add milk liquid blocks because it didn't seem a good use of two block IDs. Also, the bug where rightclicking on the ground with a milk bucket empties it is present even without MineFactory Reloaded installed before you ask about that.

What happened to the Allocator? I'm no longer bundling it; if you want it, Pfaeff still maintains it

What happened to the special fertilizer model? Sadly, it's a lot of work to get both standard cube blocks and specially-modeled blocks into the same block ID, and it didn't seem worth the effort.

My Rancher is not placing its drops into my pipe The rancher will only use item pipes located on the "back" side to expel items. Because it can both have items placed in and taken out, this was done to make laying out automatic bucket-based milking systems possible.

The conveyor's lighting is all black, why? Unknown problem, likely caused by something in 1.1.0's lighting.

Aren't BuildCraft pipes better than conveyor belts? Maybe, but can your pipes do this?



Go to the downloads page

Requires ModLoader, ModLoaderMP, and MCForge.

Old Versions

Go here for all of power crystals' old versions.