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Lightning Strict

This package will lock all of the dependencies defined by Lightning to the specific versions that were used in testing each Lightning release.


composer require acquia/lightning:VERSION balsama/lightning_strict:VERSION --no-update
composer update

VERSION is the specific version of Lightning you want to build. For example, 2.2.4, or 3.0.1. It should be the same for both the acquia/lightning and the balsama/lightning_strict packagesYou might need to run composer update more than once for the composer-patches plugin to properly patch all dependencies.


Lightning 2.2.0 required drupal/core:~8.4.0 which translates roughly to:

"Give me the most recent version of core lower than 8.5.0"

At the time of this writing, that would be 8.4.4. But when Lightning 2.2.0 was tagged on 4 October 2017, 8.4.0 was the most recent version of drupal/core. So that tag was actually tested against 8.4.0. This is true for all dependencies of Lightning - and any project that uses Composer to manage its dependencies.

When using Composer, it's usually best to let your dependencies manage their own constraints. To allow the highest amount of flexibility and fewest conflicts, Lightning is intentionally lenient (where it can be) when constraining dependencies.

However, under certain circumstances, it might be necessary to build a specific version of Lightning with dependencies exactly as they were when it was released. For example, you might need an update path that was removed from Lightning long ago, but building the version might be problematic because a dependency is no longer available, or a patch no longer applies. In that case, you can use this package to pin all of Lightning's dependencies (and their dependencies recursively) to the specific versions included in Lightning's composer.lock file when it was released.

PHP Version

Lightning's dependencies are updated in an environment which runs php 7.0. Since this package is directly based on historical Lightning composer.lock files, that means that certain dependencies will need at least php 7.0 to run. We've added a minimum PHP version to the generated composer.json files. Unfortunately, there is no workaround if your environment uses PHP 5.6.


This was inspired by and heavily borrows code from webflo's awesome drupal-core-strict project. Thank you.


Lock all dependencies to a tagged release of Lightning






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