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This repository contains source code and documentation of goodies we use locally and deploy to our convox racks.

How-to install

Make sure you have git and convox CLI installed, then paste the following to a Terminal prompt and follow the instructions:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

What's included

To get some basic help for each of the command below you can append --help.

Command Description
convox foreach <command> Similar to convox <command> --app <app>, but instead of running the command on a single app it will run it on all of the apps (e.g. convox foreach scale to see scale values for all apps).
convox foreach instances <command> Similar to convox instances ssh <command>, but instead of running the command on a single instance it will run it on all of the instances (e.g. convox foreach instances 'docker ps' to see all the docker processes running in all instances).
convox rack visualize Show all tasks that are actually running on all instances of currently logged in rack grouped by availability zones (similar to convox rack ps -a but more visual).
convox rack analyze Run an analysis on currently logged in rack to get a better understanding of its scale by simulating a full task placement (worst-case scenario) of all the services that are expected to run on it.

ℹ️ You can use the commands above also inside racks by first running into a container of currently logged in rack with convox rack ops.

How-to update

Once installed all you have to do is to run convox update as usual. This command now will update both itself and the convox CLI.

How-to contribute


Useful things to know

  • List of all rack API points you can call with convox api get <path> command can be found here.
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