A Hive StorageHandler that uses a Google Spreadsheet as a backend.
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This project implements a HiveStorageHandler that allows Hive to read and write data from a Google spreadsheet.

Although Hive/Hadoop are geared towards processing big data, this storage handler implementation is geared towards "Small Data". The original use case was for writing around a dozen lines of data containing the final output of a report into a Google spreadsheet.

Because of the small data orientation, it is recommended to read or write data from tables backed by this StorageHandler from only a single mapper or reducer. Using multiple mappers or reducers can result in duplicate data being read or written to the spreadsheet.

Some other notes:

Sample usage:

add jar gdata-storagehandler.jar ;

create external table output(day string, cnt int, source_class string, source_method string, thrown_class string)
stored by 'com.bizo.hive.gdata.GDataStorageHandler'
with serdeproperties (
  "gdata.user" = "user@bizo.com",
  "gdata.consumer.key" = "bizo.com",
  "gdata.consumer.secret" = "...",
  "gdata.spreadsheet.name" = "Daily Exception Summary",
  "gdata.worksheet.name" = "First Worksheet",
  "gdata.columns.mapping" = "day,count,class,method,thrown"

If you are using Amazon's Elastic Mapreduce, you can add the jar file as follows:

add jar s3://com-bizo-public/hive/storagehandler/gdata-storagehandler-0.1.jar ;