VarVars: Variable Variables - numerical variables with configurable behaviors
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#VarVars - Variable Variables

VarVars allow to quickly set up "Variable Variables", that is, variables with internal behaviors that define how its value changes in time.

While working on various AS3 projects, I grew tired of setting individual tweens when I needed a gameplay variable to vary according to some input. Coding cooldowns, player activity "heat" , multipliers and other dynamic numerical values was getting a little cumbersome, so I decided to create a library to make those behaviors easier to implement.

##Creating a VarVar


Instantiate your VarVar object and then call the add() method to add behaviors to it.


var myVarVar:VarVar = new VarVar();
myVarVar.add(new Attack(1000)).add(new Sustain(300)).add(new Decay(200));

You can omit any of the three Behaviors and have just Attack and Decay, or Sustain then Decay, or just Decay or Attack. Just having a Sustain is missing the point of the whole lib :)

##Using a VarVar


To use a VarVar, you just read or write its value property.

When you write to value, the VarVar configures itself, but no value is changed yet. New values are calculated when you read the value property.

Optionally, you can configure a cacheDelay if you worry about performance.