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oxyo test

oxyopia *\ˌäksēˈōpēə* — Unusual acuteness of sight

This utility will allow you to hide and reveal things inside/from images using the least significant bit method.

npm i -g oxyo
oxyo -c <carryFile> -o <outputFile> -s [secretFile] -p [password]

Either encode a secret file into an output file based on the carrier image or decode a previously encoded file into another. Not providing a secret file implies that the program will attempt a decode of the carrier image into the output. You can also provide a password for increased security.

For encoding, the carry should be either a jpg or png, and the output needs to be a png.

When decoding, no need to specify the output file extension, it will be automatically added.

oxyo -c newyork.png -s secretfile.txt -o encoded.png

Will produce an encoded.png image that will look like newyork.png when opened, but contains the secretfile.txt data. The secret can be anything.

To decode it, simply pass the encoded.png file as the carry, and provide a filename without extension as the output.

oxyo -c encoded.png -o output
1 bit 6 bytes 8 bytes n bytes
hasPassword extension length data