Commits on Sep 23, 2018
  1. Fix non-working bindings to Fragaria

    balthisar committed Sep 21, 2018
        The new Fragaria manages its preferences by assigning an appearance name
        to each of the individual groups, so Group.preferenceID no longer works
        when NSUserDefaultsController tries to look up a preference. Instead, we
        need to use MGSUserDefaultsController, which means providing an outlet
        where visible for each nib, and connecting to that outlet instead.
    Update Java version detection.
Commits on Sep 18, 2018
  1. Balthisar Tidy 4.1.0

    balthisar committed Sep 18, 2018
      - Added: Dark Mode support for macOS 10.14+.
      - Updated: Ignore JS from repository metrics.
      - Updated: Nu HTML Checker version update.
Commits on May 24, 2018
  1. Balthisar Tidy 4.0

    balthisar committed May 24, 2018
      - _Balthisar Tidy_ and _Balthisar Tidy for Work_:
        - Update to HTML Tidy 5.7.16.
        - Offer validation using the W3C Nu HTML Checker.
          - Include a built-in version of this checker. When selected as an option
            and Balthisar Tidy is running, it operates as a local server and can be
            used from a web browser, as well.
          - Also include the ability to use an online version of the validator.
        - Preferences added to support the new Validator.
        - When switching the aspect of the source code view, splitters now remember
          their previous positions.
        - The Balthisar Tidy Help has been updated with all of the new content.
        - The Balthisar Tidy Help has been redesigned to use Apple’s native "Eagle"
          system to display native-looking help.
        - Tasteful animations where appropriate, such as hiding panels and changing
          the source text orientation.
        - The Quick Tutorial has been updated to show off new features to upgraders.
      - Developer changes:
        - The built-in Validator is a Java application. As such, a reduced version
          of the Java Runtime Engine is now included in the source and the binary.
          Note that the Jave.runtime is packaged as a bundle, _and signed as such_.
          If you want to build your own, signed version of Balthisar Tidy, you will
          have to re-codesign this directory with your own credentials.
        - JSDTidyFramework has been exposed as a module in Xcode.
        - HTML Tidy has been exposed as a module in Xcode.
        - Project directories have been reorganized. Some of the modules now have
      	external dependencies, but it avoids code duplication. I'll work on this if
      	I ever make these standalone public modules.
        - Transitioning towards PDF image templates with tinting via code. This is
      	an effort to reduce the executable sizes, but now that we have an embedded
      	JRE, it seems to kind of not matter any more.
        - Added categories to JSDTidyModel and other data sources to make generic
      	how the source view controller gets display data.
        - Help is now built using Middlemac version 3.0. As of release date, this
          version is not publicly available, but look for it soon, or get it from
Commits on Mar 5, 2018
  1. Balthisar Tidy 3.7.1

    balthisar committed Mar 5, 2018
      - _Balthisar_ Tidy and _Balthisar Tidy for Work_:
        - Fixed the ability of the Balthisar Tidy Service Helper to respond to
          AppleScript (Balthisar Tidy for Work).
        - Updated Sparkle (the self-updater mechanism) to a version that works with
          sandboxed applications. This means that this and future versions of
          _Balthisar Tidy_ (distributed from the website) can upgrade themselves
          once again on future releases.
        - Several small grammar and wording changes in Preferences, as well as a
          new updater Preference for the web-distributed version.
        - Help Book images updated as a result of Preferences changes.
Commits on Sep 20, 2017
  1. Balthisar Tidy 3.7.0

    balthisar committed Sep 20, 2017
      - _Balthisar Tidy_ and _Balthisar Tidy for Work_:
        - Update to HTML Tidy 5.7.0.
        - New Tidy options such as `add-meta-charset`, `priority-attributes`,
          `show-meta-change`, `keep-tabs`.
        - You can now double-click into a Tidy Option with a text field, and the text
          field will activate.
        - You can triple click a text field that uses lists, and the list editor will
          pop up. This can be much nicer than managing long lists in a single string.
        - Tidy Option text fields that are lists now reflect the proper formatting for
        - Adopted all of the new Tidy Option categories offered by the latest **HTML
        - We now issue advice to turn on `force-output` if a loaded document produced
          no content.
        - Removed the `markup` Tidy option, because **Balthisar Tidy** handles this
        - Updated the Help book to include updates to Tidy options.
      - Developer changes:
        - Internal changes to make future maintenance of **Balthisar Tidy** better.
        - I've removed all of the different, redundant targets, and now different
          versions are built via the xcconfig files.
        - Built versions of **Balthisar Tidy** are now a smaller. The Tidy Extensions
          and Tidy Service Helper now rely on **Balthisar Tidy**'s frameworks where
          possible rather than including their own, duplicate copies.
Commits on Aug 26, 2017
  1. Balthisar Tidy 3.6.3

    balthisar committed Aug 26, 2017
      - _Balthisar Tidy_ and _Balthisar Tidy for Work_:
        - Updated to HTML Tidy 5.5.32, which brings support for autonomous custom
          elements, as well as bug fixes.
        - Minor code fixes for future growth and maintainability.
      - _Balthisar Tidy for Work_
        - Sample AppleScripts improvements. As always these can be found in the disk
          image within the application package, or look for “Open the disk image now”
          in the “Use AppleScript to Control _Balthisar Tidy_” section of the help.
Commits on Jan 23, 2017
  1. Balthisar Tidy 3.6.2

    balthisar committed Jan 23, 2017
      - Updated to HTML Tidy 5.3.14
      - Sample AppleScripts improvements
      - Updated third-party libraries to current.
      - Improved the help system with macOS Sierra changes.
      - Minor code fixes for future growth and maintainability.
Commits on Jun 16, 2016
  1. Balthisar Tidy 3.6.0

    balthisar committed Jun 16, 2016
      - Restore Mac OS X 10.10 Compatibility
        - Sorry, everyone! There was a compatibility issue with a third party library
          on Mac OS X 10.10, and I didn't perform due diligence. This is corrected,
          and Balthisar Tidy works once again on this OS.
      - Feature Enhancements for version 3.6.0
        - Added Find menu and actions to the editor panels.
        - Updated Spelling and Grammar menu to current standards.
        - Enable the Substitutions standard menu items.
        - Added the standard Transformations menu.
        - Enabled standard Speech menu.
        - Added several additional items to the Edit menu to enable things that were
          previously hidden in context menus:
          - Shift left/right
          - Entab/detab
          - Trim whitespace
          - Remove line endings.
        - Help file updates.
        - A Transpose command with keyboard shortcut has been added to the Edit menu,
          and it will immediately place the Tidy text into the Source HTML panel.
        - Support for error filters.
        - Added import Tidy options feature to Pro.
        - Allow use of the Tab key in the Source HTML editor. Previously it was used
          to change focus to and from the editor.
        - Added an export Source HTML command in the File menu. Reveal it with the
          option key.
        - Added a Preferences option to control whether or not a new, Untitled
          document is or isn't created at launch or when bringing it to the front.
Commits on Jun 6, 2016
  1. Balthisar Tidy 3.5.0

    balthisar committed Jun 6, 2016
      - New Features
        - Update to HTML Tidy 5.3.1
           - Includes bug fixes from the HTACG team.
           - Adds the new `escape-scripts` Tidy option.
        - Activated the multipage features of the Feedback panel. This moves the
          **Tidy Messages** table into a tabbed view.
        - Added a **Browser Preview** feature to the Feedback panel. Get a live,
          always updated preview of your Tidy’d HTML.
        - _Balthisar Tidy for Work_ adds a split-view **Browser Preview** so that you
          can look at the _before_ and _after_ versions side-by-side. Optionally these
          two views can be scrolled locked.
      - Visible Changes
        - Fixed some unpleasant graphic images in the Tidy pane of Preferences.
        - Corrected some horrible wording in the Document pane of Preferences.
        - Several string updates in the descriptions of Tidy options.
Commits on Feb 24, 2016
  1. Balthisar Tidy 3.0.2

    balthisar committed Feb 24, 2016
      - New Features
        - Update to HTML Tidy 5.1.41
            - Adds a new option (`strict-tags-attributes`) to ensure that the tags and
              attributes in documents match the version of HTML being generated.
            - This is now the minimum supported version for `libtidy-balthisar.dylib`
              users is now 5.1.41 due to HTML Tidy API requirements.
        - Update to the newest version of Sparkle (doesn't apply to App Store
          versions) in order to eliminate a man-in-the-middle attack vulnerability.
          See [](
        - Updated to the latest [modern Fragaria](,
          which offers several minor improvements and faster performance of the text
        - Holding Command-Shift while launching provides the opportunity to delete
          all user defaults.
      - Visible Changes
        - Incorrect information about NoodleKit removed from the About… window and
          proper attribution given for modern Fragaria.
        - Descriptions updated, e.g., `alt-text` and the new `strict-tags-attributes`.
      - Bug Fixes
        - Fixes to the exporting Unix config file.
          - "Config: missing or malformed argument for option: css-prefix" (fixed by updated `libtidy`)
          - Warning: replacing invalid character code 128
          - Warning: replacing invalid character code 153
        - Fixed memory leaks identified by Instruments.
        - Removed dependence on `libtidy` enum values.
      - Miscellaneous Fixes
        - _Balthisar Tidy_’s (from the website) disk image has been updated to indicate
          that while you can test it from the disk image without installing, some of the
          features won’t work. In particular System Services and Action Helpers are
          prevented by Mac OS X from running off of a disk image.
Commits on Nov 22, 2015
  1. Balthisar Tidy 3.0.0

    balthisar committed Nov 22, 2015
      - Backwards Compatibility
        - _Balthisar Tidy_ is now targeted for Mac OS X 10.10 and above and will no
          long run on older operating systems. This decision will help us develop
          _Balthisar Tidy_ into a better application using the latest features and
          APIs of Mac OS X.
      - New Features
        - Update to HTML Tidy 5.1.24.
        - New Tidy option: `indent-with-tabs`
        - New Tidy option: `skip-nested`
        - New Text Editor Features
          - Syntax highlighting of the source and Tidy'd HTML. Although Tidy proper
            doesn’t perform syntax highlighting, _Balthisar Tidy_ makes your code even
            easier to read and work on.
          - The line number gutter will indicate lines with errors, if line numbers
            are enabled.
            - These indicators can be clicked for a description of the errors on the
            - Lines with multiple errors will have a severity icon before each error
            - New toggles and Preferences added for this.
          - Lines with errors in the source are highlighted and errors are
            - New toggles and Preferences added for this.
          - Lots and lots of other new editor features, such as auto-complete,
            revealing invisible characters, and more.
          - Visible right margin when Tidy is wrapping its output, and Preference to
            inhibit this.
        - Revamped Preferences dialogs in order to support all of the new features.
      - New Features _Balthisar Tidy for Work_
        - Editor color themes give you full control over the colors used for syntax
          highlighting and the source code display.
        - AppleScript love
           - _Balthisar Tidy_ for Work:
             - Provide a new developer `identifierOfVisiblePrefsWindowPanel` property.
             - Provide a new developer `titleOfVisiblePrefsWindowPanel` property.
             - Provide a new developer `documentWindowIsInScreenshotMode` property.
           - _Balthisar Tidy Service Helper_:
             - New `sourceText` property.
             - New `tidyText` property.
             - New `tidyBodyText` property.
        - Bundle a disk image in the application bundle with useful AppleScripts.
        - Can export RTF of the colored, Tidy'd text
      - Visible Changes
        - About… window changes
          - Link to HTACG Tidy to report Tidy proper issues.
          - Links to App Store rating/reviews for our generous, lovely users to use.
          - Proper credit with links given to major component developers.
          - libtidy version displayed in About…
        - Cleaned up some residual garbage that was shown on the application icon at
          certain sizes.
        - Update the Help book with updates for the new features.
      - Invisible Changes
        - If using a custom dylib _Balthisar Tidy_ will pick up new Tidy options
        - libtidy version checking -- minimum 5.1.24
      - Bug Fixes
        - `tidy-mark` once again properly displays _Balthisar Tidy_.
        - Fixed the poor behavior of show/hide Tidy descriptions in options lists.
        - Make sorting Tidy messages by location not use the string value, but
          number value.
      - Changes developers will notice
        - JSDTidyFramework uses instances of JSDTidyMessage now instead of
        - NSDictionary entries in the errorArray. This provides lazy property values
          when needed, but also allows implementation of a custom comparator for
        - TidyDocument has improved MVC architecture and reduced component
        - Messages have been moved out of the document window controller into a new
          feedback view controller. This will allow us to add cool, new stuff.
Commits on Oct 29, 2015
  1. Balthisar Tidy 2.2.1

    balthisar committed Oct 29, 2015
      - New Features
          - New built-in version of Tidy. Now uses HTACG HTML Tidy 5.1.9.
          - Balthisar Tidy will automatically use `/usr/local/lib/libtidy-balthisar.dylib`
            instead of the built-in version (if present).
          - New System Service and Extension can selectively Tidy text without producing a full
            document. As a result the existing System Service and Extension will _always_
            produce a full document, ignoring _Balthisar Tidy_’s `show-body-only` setting.
      - Visible Changes
          - Fixed the horrible appearance in the Tidy options panel introduced in
            Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
      - Bug Fixes
          - Fixed a condition in which the messages table would not be updated in certain
          - Print now works again. We overlooked a sandbox permissions setting, which previously
            caused users who tried to print to see a message indicating that _Balthisar Tidy_
            didn't have permission.
      - Other Changes
          - Significantly reduced file size by using PDF instead of icns for the messages table
Commits on Jan 31, 2015
  1. Balthisar Tidy 2.1.3

    balthisar committed Jan 31, 2015
      - New Features
          - Added system service "Tidy selection in new Balthisar Tidy document" (Mac OS X 10.8 and above)
          - Added system service "Tidy selection using Balthisar Tidy" (Mac OS X 10.9 and above)
          - Added Action Extension "Balthisar Tidy" (Mac OS X 10.10+ only)
      - Visible Changes
          - Updated Tidy Options list to assume default Yosemite appearance.
          - Updated support contact information in About… and in Help.
          - Fixed a view updating bug when used via external sources such as AppleScript. In some cases when setting a document's source text with `.sourceText` via AppleScript the Tidy'd text would not update.
          - Fixed reversion wherein the Preference for showing/hiding the Tidy and Options panes preferences weren't honored.
          - Fixed reversion wherein is wasn't always possible to show/hide the description text in the Tidy Options panel.
          - New help content to support new features.
          - Updated help images to Yosemite images.
      - Additional Release Notes
          - Services — To enable the new services you may have to logoff your user account and login again (this is a Mac OS X restriction). The services will then be available in most apps after enabling them in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services in the Text group.
          - Action Extension — To enable the new extension run the updated Balthisar Tidy one time. Then enable the extension in System Preference > Extensions > Balthisar Tidy > Actions check box.
Commits on Oct 23, 2014
  1. Balthisar Tidy 2.0.1

    balthisar committed Oct 23, 2014
      - Visible Changes
        - Changed the appearance of the Quick Tutorial for better appearance in Yosemite.
        - Fixed several typographic errors in the help file.
        - Reorganized the help content slightly.
        - Added a table of contents to the Reference section of the help file.
        - Added breadcrumbs to the help file.
      - Changes developers will notice
        - Updated project files to Xcode6.
        - Compiled against the Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite SDK).
        - Improved the help build system considerable (introducing Middlemac).
Commits on Jul 15, 2014
  1. Balthisar Tidy 2.0.0

    balthisar committed Jul 15, 2014
      - New Features
        - Toolbar with quick access to Balthisar Tidy's new features.
        - Show/Hide the Tidy Options panel on documents.
        - Show/Hide the Tidy Messages panel on documents.
        - Can display the source code view vertically now in addition to the traditional, horizontal layout.
        - Tidy options are much more beautiful with groups headers to indicate option categories.
        - New, modern Preferences system with lots of new options.
        - Brand new, improved help file.
        - New application and document icons.
        - New main menu items to support new functionality.
        - Fixed a bug that allows two first-run helpers to be opened at the same time, which caused a crash.
        - Renamed the "first run helper" to "Quick Tutorial."
      - New Features (Balthisar Tidy for Work)
        - Introducing Balthisar Tidy for Work.
        - Can export option settings to Unix configuration files.
        - AppleScript support.
      - Changes developers will notice
        - JSDTidyModel has been refactored just a little bit.
        - The entire TidyDocument architecture has been re-written from the ground up in order to implement a better MVC object model and break apart the massive DocumentController.
        - OptionPaneController has been slightly refactored to become a ViewController.
        - Bit the bullet and use my own fork of TidyLib. Source is still compatible. This was done in order to incorporate the community pull requests that haven't been accepted by the maintainer yet.
        - New help building automation system.
Commits on May 8, 2014
  1. Balthisar Tidy 1.5.0

    balthisar committed May 8, 2014
      - Visible Changes
        - The application in general has had several improvements.
          - New application and documents icons retaining the trademark Tidy Broom.
          - Added missing View menu in the main menu.
          - Added support for printing the Tidy'd text.
          - Added a Show New User Helper to the Help Menu.
        - The documents window is now improved.
          - New documents retain the position and size of last-used document.
          - New documents splitter positions are retained based on last-used document.
        - The Tidy options panel is improved.
          - It is now a modern Mac OS source list, including new controls.
          - Apply document's Tidy options to preferences (in a document).
          - Reset document options to preferences settings (in a document).
          - Revert to Tidy factory presets (while in Preferences).
        - The Messages panel has some improvements.
          - It now has some pretty icons to help distinguish severity.
          - Columns are now all sortable.
      - Changes developers will notice
        - Project directory layout changes.
        - Back to icns files for all icons.
        - Separated JSDTidyModel .strings into its own file.
        - Modified base TidyLib to allow a new callback filter to enable localization of output messages.
        - Added lots of strings to the new JSDTidyModel.strings to allow easy localization.
Commits on Mar 31, 2014
  1. Balthisar Tidy 1.1.0

    balthisar committed Mar 31, 2014
      - Keyboard shortcuts! You can cycle through the values in nearly every option with the left and right cursor keys while the options list is focused
      - Now works with nearly any file type and extension
      - First-run helper reworked to prevent annoying users
      - Auto-size the description for items in the list of Tidy options
      - Description can be hidden or shown
      - Changes to many of the Tidy options descriptions
      - Pretty, styled descriptions of the Tidy options to increase legibility
      - Removed extraneous menu items in the application menus
      - Prevent automatic text substitutions in source editor
      - Tidy properly Tidy's new, blank documents
      - Pasting into a new, blank document now properly Tidy's immediately
      - Fixed a crash related to messages table when a change to the HTML source fixes an error but doesn't cause the Tidy'd document to change
      - Fixed an issue where messages table didn't update after saving a file
      - New default font in editor views
      - Existing preferences will be lost. Sorry, this is a one time occurrence. We changed a 12 year old preferences system into a modern one. We hope that a little bit of change after 12 years is acceptable
Commits on Mar 8, 2014
  1. Balthisar Tidy 1.0.1

    balthisar committed Mar 8, 2014
      - Introduced backward support to Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
      - Added a "first run helper" to give an overview to new users
      - Added an Apple Help Help Book to provide fairly good documentation
      - Added a file encoding helper to help users when Tidy thinks that the input-encoding is set wrong
      - Added the Sparkle update engine to offer automatic updates
      - Added preferences to support Sparkle
      - Tweaked other preferences’s layouts for better usability and to support Cocoa bindings
      - Other code tweaks, changes, and simplification
Commits on Jan 27, 2014
  1. Balthisar Tidy 0.7.25

    balthisar committed Jan 27, 2014
      - Visible changes
        - Built for Mac OS X 10.9 (now minimum supported OS)
        - Added Mac OS X full-screen support
        - Added developer signature to make Gatekeeper happy
        - Added Retina display App icons
        - New file icons including support for Retina displays
        - Improved the line numbers for the HTML and Tidy’d View
        - Added and changed information in Tidy->About
        - Default document window is larger.
        - Tweaked the document window layout and appearance
        - Tweaked the preferences window
        - Adopted the most recent version of W3C TidyLib (more options!)
        - Cleaned up remaining batch mode references. Will add in roadmap later.
        - Cleaned up file encoding mechanism
      - Invisible changes
        - Significant source code cleanup for legibility
        - Some refactorization
        - Some migration to modern Objective-C style
        - Patched some memory leaks
        - Removed all deprecated calls
        - Started ivar to property conversion
        - Eliminated all compiler warnings (except for TidyLib proper)
Commits on Nov 19, 2007
  1. Balthisar Tidy 0.6.0

    balthisar committed Nov 19, 2007
      - Added support for universal binary.
      - Now requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.
Commits on Dec 17, 2002
  1. Balthisar Tidy 0.1.0

    balthisar committed Dec 17, 2002
      - A nice GUI for HTML Tidy