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@@ -65,3 +65,16 @@ This version however unfortunately doesn't work on Ubuntu because they use the *
# but unfortunately, Ubuntu uses `/bin/dash` as `/bin/sh` and that doesn't support that expansion. :(
fixup = "!f() { TARGET=$(git rev-parse "$1"); git commit --fixup=$TARGET && EDITOR=true git rebase -i --autostash --autosquash $TARGET^; }; f"

## Staging only parts of a file

Sometimes, you don't want to `git add` a whole file but only a part of it. This can be done using `git add -p` which will then interactively ask you which parts to stage.

Possible commands for each hunk are ([1](

* `y`: Add this hunk
* `n`: Don't this hunk
* `d`: Skip the rest of the file
* `s`: Split into smaller hunks (only works if there are unchanged lines in-between)
* `e`: Edit hunk in editor
When editing, make sure that each line starts with one of these characters: ` ` (unchanged line), `-` (remove line), `+` (add line).

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