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Sys/Ubuntu: Update Nextcloud calendar setup

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## Calendar and contact sync with Nextcloud

In the settings dialog under *Online Accounts*, add a Nextcloud account. If 2FA is enabled for Nextcloud, create a new app password before.

### Legacy

**Note:** These instructions are not necessary anymore. Instead, follow the steps above.

Gnome Calendar and Contacts can sync with CalDAV and CardDAV servers, they just don't expose that functionality through their UI. Instead, the servers need to be added to Evolution. ([1](

To add the CalDAV server (for use in Gnome Calendar), open Evolution and in the *File* menu under *New*, click *Calendar*. Select the type *CalDAV*. Enter the calendar's *Name* and select a *Color*. Then enter the calendar's link for the *URL* and specify the *User*. Click *Apply*. ([2](

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