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Ref/Proxmox: Removing a node from the cluster

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@@ -64,3 +64,13 @@ Try: `rm -rf /sys/fs/cgroup/systemd/lxc/[id]`
Note that there may also be additional directories (`[id]-1` etc.)

If that doesn't work, restart the node.

## Removing a node from the cluster

This will also work for removing the second node from a two-node cluster and thus effectively reverting to an un-clustered setup ([1](

1. List the nodes using `pvecm nodes` to find out the name of the node to remove.
2. Shutdown the node to remove. Make sure it never gets reconnected.
3. On the remaining node: Regain quorum via `pvecm expected 1`.
4. Remove the node from the cluster using `pvecm delnode [nodename]`.
5. If the node still shows up in the UI, run `rm -rf /etc/pve/nodes/[nodename]` ([2](, then reload the webpage.

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