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  • v1.7.1 - October 4 2011

    • Added a new native adapter which is framework agnostic (can be used with, or without any framework)
    • Provided bundled files
    • Added RightJS adapter
    • Updated supported browser listing
    • Added sessionStorage support in core instead of optional Amplify.js Store support
    • Fixed issue with state id generation growing slower over time
    • Closes #104, #95, #102, #92, #81, #90, #94, #93, #91, #67, #83, #54, #45
  • v1.7.0 - April 1 2011

    • Added History.enabled property (refer to usage section). This reflects whether or not History.js is enabled for our particular browser. For instance, if we have not included support for a HTML4 browser and we are accessing through a HTML4 browser then History.enabled will be false.
    • Added (optional but recommended) Data Persistance and Synchronisation Support thanks to AppendTo's Amplify.js (refer to installation and compatibility sections for details)
    • Made HTML5 SUIDs more transparent - Reported by azago and Mark Jaquith
    • Fixed Session Storage Issue - Reported by a whole bunch of different people; one, two, three
    • Fixed URL Encoding Issue - Reported by Rob Madole
    • Disabled support for IE6,7,8 when using the Prototype Adapter (there is nothing we can do about this, it is due to a bug in the prototype library) - Reported by Sindre Wimberger
    • URLs in the State Hashes for HTML4 Browsers are now even shorter - Discussion
    • Fixed a issue with the MooTools Adapter and JSON with IE7 and IE8
  • v1.6.0 - March 22 2011

    • Added Zepto adapter thanks to Matt Garrett
    • The readme now references the supported versions of the libraries we use
    • Updated vendors to the most recent versions. jQuery 1.5.1 and Mootools 1.3.1
    • Reverted versions of Safari iOS prior to version 4.3 to be HTML4 browsers, Safari iOS 4.3 is a HTML5 browser
    • Refined code in History.js and its adapters
    • Fixed issue with extra state being inserted on Safari 5 requiring an extra click on the back button to go home - Reported by Rob Madole
    • Fixed issue with Safari 5 and Safari iOS 4 sometimes failing to apply the state change under busy conditions - Solution conceived with Matt Garrett
    • Fixed issue with HTML4 browsers requiring a query-string in the urls of states - Reported by azago
    • Fixed issue with HTML4 browsers requiring title in the states in order to use state data - Reported by Jonathan McLaughlin
    • Fixed issue with HTML4 browsers failing is a state is pushed/replaced twice in a row - Reported by Joey Baker
    • B/C BREAK: The statechange event now only fires if the state has changed; it no longer fires on page initialisation. This is following the Firefox 4 History API Changes which we agree with - this breaks standard, but makes more sense.
  • v1.5.0 - February 12 2011

    • Moved to UglifyJS instead of Google Closure
    • Split HTML4 functionality from HTML5 functionality
    • Installation details have changed (the filenames are different)
  • v1.4.1 - February 10 2011

    • Added HTML History API Support for Safari 5 and Safari iOS 4.2.1
    • Cleaned code a bit (mostly with unit tests)
  • v1.4.0 - February 10 2011

    • Unit Testing now uses QUnit
    • Corrected Safari 5 Support
    • Now uses queues instead of timeouts
      • This means the API works exactly as expected, no more need to wrap calls in timeouts
    • Included a Subscribe Form in the Demo for Version Updates via Email
    • Small updates to Documentation
  • v1.3.1 - February 4 2011

    • Improved Documentation
  • v1.3.0 - January 31 2011

    • Support for cleaner HTML4 States
  • v1.2.1 - January 30 2011

    • Fixed History.log always being called - reported by dlee
    • Re-Added History.go(index) support
  • v1.2.0 - January 25 2011

    • Support for HTML4 States in HTML5 Browsers (added test)
    • Updates of Documentation
  • v1.1.0 - January 24 2011

    • Developed a series of automated test cases
    • Fixed issue with traditional anchors
    • Fixed issue with differing replaceState functionality in HTML4 Browsers
    • Fixed issue with Google Chrome artefacts being carried over to the initial state
    • Provided onstatechange and onanchorchange events
  • v1.0.0 - January 22 2011

    • Supported History.pushState and History.replaceState degradation
    • Supported jQuery, MooTools and Prototype Frameworks
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