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v1.5.0-final, August 31, 2010
- Removed core.string.js and jquery.extra.js as they were not needed. Fixes issue with autocomplete.
- Updated jQuery Sparkle dependencies to [v1.5.1-beta, August 31, 2010]


v1.4.4-final, August 21, 2010
- Updated jQuery Sparkle dependencies to [v1.4.17-final, August 21, 2010]


v1.4.3-final, August 19, 2010
- Improved installation instructions to make more clear.
- Updated Syntax Highlighter include and initialisation. We use
- Code blocks within the demo are now using PRE instead of CODE elements due to an IE bug.
- Updated jQuery Sparkle dependencies to [v1.4.14-final, August 19, 2010]


v1.4.2-final, August 12, 2010
- Now recognises the new wave of browsers which also have native support for the onhashchange event.
- This is a recommended update for all users. It now brings the final status, and can be considered of production quality.


v1.4.1-beta, August 05, 2010
- Removed the extractAnchor and extractState as they are ambiguous and are better placed in the jQuery Ajaxy project.


v1.4.0-beta, August 03, 2010
- Renamed format to extractHash, added extractAnchor and extractState as well. [Backwards Compatibility Break]


v1.3.0-beta, August 01, 2010
- Updated licensing information. Still using the same license, as it is the best there is, but just provided some more information on it to make life simpler.
- Updated jQuery Sparkle dependencies to [v1.4.8-beta, August 01, 2010]
- Added jQuery Ajaxy references into demo page
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