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Zurb Foundation skeleton for DocPad

A clean responsive template that contains a logical setup for a website + blog.

Getting Started

  1. Install DocPad

  2. Because this template uses docpad-plugin-sass here's some needed stuff:

    1. Install Ruby
    2. [Install the Sass Gem] (
    3. Install Bourbon Gem A simple and lightweight mixin library for Sass
  3. This template also uses Grunt to do some of it's build-tasks, such as minification. So you need to:

    1.Install Grunt 2. The result is that grunt becomes globally available. Have a check by typing grunt on the commandline.

  4. Clone the project and run the server

    git clone git://
    cd zurb-foundation.docpad
    npm install && bourbon install
    docpad run
  5. Open http://localhost:9778/

  6. Start hacking away by modifying the src directory

  7. Already installed docpages-plugin-ghpages for easy publishing to github pages. See the link for how to publish.

I'm getting EMFILE errors

See here for the reason why and the solution

Boring Legal Stuff

Unless stated otherwise, all content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License and code licensed under the MIT License, © ClearSkyABove