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CUBA component that offers a context help system for your CUBA application.
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CUBA Platform Component - Help system

This application component offers a context help system for your CUBA application.


  1. Add the following maven repository to the build.gradle of your CUBA application:

    buildscript {

     repositories {
         // ...
         maven {
             url  ""
     // ...


  2. Select a version of the add-on which is compatible with the platform version used in your project:

Platform Version Add-on Version
6.8.x 0.3.x
6.7.x 0.2.x
6.6.x 0.1.x

The latest version is: 0.2.0

Add custom application component to your project:

  • Artifact group: de.balvi.cuba.helpsystem
  • Artifact name: help-system-global
  • Version: add-on version


Defining help texts

To use the help system, users can define help texts for certain screens (even components) of the application. These texts are stored in the databse.

Screenshot help text management

Usage of the help texts in the application

When the user uses a particular screen of your application, there is a help button on the upper right of the screen. Using that will open the help information for this particular screen.

In order to make a screen available for help text, just add the @HasHelp Annotation on your controller and extend from AnnotatableAbstract(Lookup|Editor) like this:

class CustomerBrowse extends AnnotatableAbstractLookup {


For more information on the annotation topic, you can take a look at the declarative-controllers application component.

Now you can take a look at the screen you annotated and will see the help button on the upper right:

Screenshot context help

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