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The spicy extension framework


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'chili'


Core features


  • add new models done
  • add new tables/migrations done
  • add new controllers and show/hide conditionally done
  • add new views and show/hide conditionally done
  • conditionally add to/edit existing views done
  • add methods to existing models inprogress
  • modify existing controller actions

Utility features

  • test extension within app inprogress
  • run app/engine specs together inprogress
  • more ruby-like way of specifying conditions (block etc)
  • generator template to create new extension with everything set up
    • remove application controller
    • have all new controller inherit from Chili::ApplicationController
    • add conditions to main file
    • add overrides directory
    • set dummy path to spec
    • modify spec_helper
    • add rspec stuff to engine.rb
    • add submodule/symlink to real app
    • remove Gemfile, Gemfile.lock
    • set up Rakefile
    • automount routes in routes.rb


  • 2 Gemfiles: One for the engine, one for the app. done
  • Deface caches overrides in production. Monkey patch?
  • Can only have one override per engine per partial due to the way I'm grabbing the class from the override
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