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Give a box in geographical coordinates (latitude/longitude) and a zoom level, Smopy returns an OpenStreetMap tile image!

import smopy
map = smopy.Map((42., -1., 55., 3.), z=4)

Europe map

You can also import the map in matplotlib and convert from geographical coordinates to pixels easily.

x, y = map.to_pixels(48.86151, 2.33474)
ax = map.show_mpl(figsize=(8, 6))
ax.plot(x, y, 'or', ms=10, mew=2);

Europe map

See the example notebook


Smopy currently requires:

  • PIL or Pillow
  • NumPy
  • matplotlib
  • IPython

To install, pip install smopy or git clone and put the folder in your PYTHONPATH.

Terms of use

This module fetches image maps from OpenStreetMap's servers. See the usage policy. In particular, be careful not to retrieve large maps as this can overload the servers.