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🔍 Extend your Google search results with customizable information about Github repositories
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What it is:

A chrome extension that extends your Google search results with customizable information about Github repositories.

How it looks:

img alt


  • You can switch on or off every info field
  • Customizable label for every information
  • Additional hyperlink to infos (e.g. when you click on Open issues it will open the open issues page)
  • Available info fields:
    • Number of stars
    • Open/Closed/All issues
    • Number of commits
    • Time since latest commit
    • Primary language
    • License
    • Number of releases
    • Number of forks
    • Number of watchers
    • Open/Closed/All pull requests

How to get started:

  • Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store
  • Go to
  • Click on the extension icon
  • Provide a Presonal Access Token like so: token gif
  • Customize the displayed info
  • Check the results by searching for a Github repo


  • Port it to other browsers
  • Add config file where users can provide their own CSS
  • Add more supported sites like Reddit, Stackexchange, Youtube, etc.
  • Look into OAuth instead of Personal Access Token
  • Insert the additional information with a smooth animation


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