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Customizable and easy to use IOS, Android and OSX device frames in one line of HTML
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Customizable and easy to use IOS, Android and OSX device frames in one line of HTML!

How it looks



  • Easy to use, easy to customize
  • No icon font dependency, every icon is included as SVG
  • Multiple builtin box shadow
  • Working clock in the topbar
  • Lightweight: ~3KB minified and gzipped

How to use it

  • Download with npm or CDN:
npm install lx-devices
<script src=""></script>
  • Include it in your html:
<div class="lx-android" data-width="225px" data-height="400px" data-shadow="3"></div>
  • Where the classname should be lx-android, lx-ios or lx-osx based on your needs
  • Every data attribute is optional
  • The shadow attribute accepts numbers 1 to 5 and sets a material shadow according to this
  • If you only set the height or only the width the other value will be 16/9 or 3/2 proportion to that. (for Android/IOS and OSX relatively)
  • If you don't provide neither width nor height attribute itt will set to 225px width and 400px height for Android/IOS and 480px width 320px height for OSX
  • You can also use the data-title attribute for OSX to set the window's title
  • The font is set to Roboto and defaults to sans-serif, so if you include Roboto in your project it will set itself to it
  • If you want to target the topbar bottombar or the screen on the devices with your CSS you can do that with the lx-topbar, lx-bottombar and lx-screen respectively


  • If you have any question, suggestion or found a bug please open an issue
  • You can contact me at
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