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bin fix pyflakespep8 failure on windows Aug 19, 2012
doc-epy - improve flymaker May 20, 2012
extensions Add eepy-pymisc.el & eepy-misc.el (add dependencies) May 20, 2012
info various changes Jul 29, 2012
python-libs improve documentation lookup. Aug 19, 2012
python-modes various changes: Jul 10, 2012
.gitignore fix some errors & add some improvements May 22, 2012
eepy-checker.el add python pakcage 'pyflakes. add 'pyflakespep8.py' as lint script. Aug 19, 2012
eepy-completion.el improve completion Aug 19, 2012
eepy-doc.el make `pydoc-info' and `python-init-info-look' happy together. Aug 19, 2012
eepy-init.el various changes Aug 2, 2012
eepy-menu.el make `pydoc-info' and `python-init-info-look' happy together. Aug 19, 2012
eepy-pymisc.el - move run/debug stuff to a new file eepy-run.el Jul 18, 2012
eepy-ropemacs.el add python pakcage 'pyflakes. add 'pyflakespep8.py' as lint script. Aug 19, 2012
eepy-run.el add `python--add-debug-highlight' and `python-insert-breakpoint', Aug 19, 2012
eepy-start.el various changes Jul 29, 2012
eepy.el fix some errors & add some improvements May 22, 2012


EEPY - Enhanced Emacs for PYthon

Based on Gabriele Lanaro's Emacs-for-Python(EPY) https://github.com/gabrielelanaro/emacs-for-python

and Python Development Emacs Environment (PDEE) https://github.com/pdee/pdee

Difference with emacs-for-python

eepy is based on Gabriele Lanaro's Emacs-for-Python, with the following improvments & changes:

disable ropemacs by default

  • for performance reason, disalbe ropemacs by default
  • autoload ropemacs when .ropeproject dir found on current dir or parent dir

improve code completion

  • pycompletemine from pdee, plus the following changes
    • made it a source for auto-complete
    • made it work on python-shell
  • a new auto-complete source for GNU Emacs's built-in python completion
  • a new auto-complete source with external API files (SciTE way)
  • auto-complete source for ipython (only python-mode.el supported). Stolen from https://bitbucket.org/tavisrudd/emacs.d/src/tip/dss-completion.el

improve flymake

  • eepy uses this fork version of flymake.el: https://github.com/illusori/emacs-flymake
    • Support for queuing up syntax checks once a certain number are in-progress.
    • Support for placing temporary files in the system temporary directory.
    • Spawns only one buffer-modification timer check rather than one per buffer.
    • Show multiple errors in tooltips.
    • Improved support for remote files over Tramp.
    • Improved error message classification. (err/warn/info, customizable regexp)
    • Support for new languages: Javascript and CSS.
    • Minor other bug fixes.
  • eepy's changes
    • Python package pep8 & pylint already bundled in this suite. You don't need to install them by yourself.
    • Use flymake-cursor.el to displays flymake msg in minibuffer when cursor moves to corresponding position
    • You can switch flymaker within between epylint/pep8/pyflakes/pychecker when editing. (not only before eepy start-up)
    • You can invoke flymaker manually with eepy-flymake-with

python documentation

  • chm
    • keyhh on windows
  • pycompletemine's sub-features
    • py-complete-help-thing-at-point()
    • py-complete-signature-expr()
    • py-complete-help()
  • info-lookup-symbol(C-h S): query python document in texinfo format (stolen from info-lookup from loveshack's python.el)
    • python documentation in info format (not available in python 2.6/2.7's official packages)
    • or, pydoc-info ?
  • `pydoc' command line tool

support different python major modes

others features

  • imenu integration
    • choose method (M-x imenu)
    • anything-imenu / anything-browse-code
    • imenu tree
  • code folding with visual indicators
    • hideshow + hideshowvis
    • outline + outline
  • develock to highlight code style violations

add an easy-to-use menu, you can invoke most stuff here

  • toggle auto-complete sources
  • turn on/off flymaker, and switch flymaker between pylint/pep8/pyflakes/pychecker
  • invoke syntax checking with pylint/pep8/pyflakes/pychecker

remove Gabriele Lanaro's personal preferences

  • disabled autopair-mode by default
  • disabled smart-operator-mode by default
  • remove epy's configurations file epy-bindings, epy-editing

Quick Start

Quick Start

1. In your dotemacs, add path of eepy' toload-path'

(add-to-list 'load-path "/some/where/storing/eepy")

2. On Linux, make sure all files in folder `bin' have x permission

chmod u+x /some/where/storing/eepy/bin/*    

(On Windows, you don't need to do anything).

3. Load feature `eepy', either in dotemacs

(require 'eepy)

or on demand:

M-x load-library RET eepy RET

4. Then open your python source files to edit. You can access most features from the `eepy' menu.

If you want to customize something

Just customize eepy group. M-x customize-group RET eepy RET

Or, you can edit eepy-start.el to suit your needs, and then load eepy-custom rather than eepy.

Limitations & TODO

  • Only tested on GUI version of Emacs 23.1 & 24.0.95, on Windows XP SP2 & LinuxMint 11.
    • test on console version of Emacs, esp. fringe stuff (code folding, flymake etc)
      • qtmstr-outline works fine under term mode, hideshowvis would cause hanging
  • Only tested on CPython 2.6 & 2.7
    • Currently on plan for CPython 3.x or Jython/IronPython
  • Test virtualenv feature of EPY
  • IPython shell only works under python-mode.el.
    • Make it work on other python major modes (possible?)
    • Workaround for a problem on Windows (python -i)
    • ipython.el not compatible with python-mode.el>6.0.2
  • Project support
    • epy-0.3 uses eproject, but it's better for file-based project, not good for folder-based project (in which case, user shouldn't need to maintain the file list)
    • folder-based project
      • eproject (jrockway)
      • projectile
  • Yasnippet not tested
  • python documentation
    • pylookup (not yet)
    • pydoc-info
    • pydoc command line?
    • would keyhh work on wine? (low priorty)
  • Make stacktrace lines clickable (in eshell)