A custom JS script to enhance http://www.allegro.cc forums.
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A custom JS script to enhance http://www.allegro.cc forums.
Copyright © 2010 Brandon McCaig

This script is used to "enhance" the user experience on the forums at
http://www.allegro.cc. You may hotlink it[1], copy it, modify it, or
distribute it; but I ask that if you do copy or modify it, you leave
this copyright notice intact.

Original location: http://www.castopulence.org/js/acc.js
Minified: http://www.castopulence.org/js/acc.min.js

It depends on jQuery and jQuery UI. Be sure to add both
to the list of external JavaScript scripts before this script. A
convenient way is by using the Google API servers, which Google
encourages you to do anyway[2].

It also [optionally] depends on jszip, which is used to turn named <code>
blocks into a zip file with the file contents. You only need jszip if you
intend to use this (not too many people name their <code> tags anyway, but
I do :P).

For example, add the following lines to your external JavaScript
script list:


You must now invoke bam.install() in order for acc.js to actually be
executed now (perhaps it should be in a bam.accjs namespace..). This is
more or less just the "always run" stuff. You can still invoke individual
methods manually, of course.

I noticed recently that certain things weren't working properly anymore.
It turns out that somehow jQuery is still conflicting with Prototype,
despite acc.js calling jQuery.noConflict(). I can't explain it, but adding
an additional jQuery.noConflict() call in my inline code seems to resolve
this again.

As one might expect, it comes with NO WARRANTY, etc. USE AT OWN RISK.
Also note that it may periodically break as I develop live so you
might experience issues on http://www.allegro.cc if you're hotlinking
(or otherwise using a broken version). ^_^ I am not to be held liable
for this.