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A collection of ways to schedule jobs in Kubernetes
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This is meant to serve as an example for running cron jobs.

deployment.yaml will run cron jobs inside of a pod on Kubernetes. Example image from Its fine for simple things, but not recommended to run crons as root.

cronjob.yaml will create a CronJob resource in Kubernetes. Documentation:

expanding on the CronJob resource, I pushed an example helm chart here:

To use deployment.yaml, add your cronfiles to Cronjobs and create a ConfigMap:

# kubectl create configmap cronfiles --from-file Cronfiles/
configmap "cronfiles" created

After the ConfigMap exists, create the deployment:

# kubectl apply -f deployment.yaml
deployment "cron" created   

After your cron executes, you should see the output:

# kubectl logs -f cron-7cf5bd99b7-bcq8g
Thu Mar 29 04:42:02 UTC 2018 hello from kubernetes
Thu Mar 29 04:43:01 UTC 2018 hello from kubernetes
Thu Mar 29 04:44:01 UTC 2018 hello from kubernetes

To use cronjob.yaml, create the resource:

kubectl apply -f cronjob.yaml

List your current cronjobs:

# kubectl get cronjob
example-cronjob   * * * * *   False     0         40s             6m

List jobs spawned:

# kubectl get jobs
NAME                         DESIRED   SUCCESSFUL   AGE
example-cronjob-1522301640   1         1            2m
example-cronjob-1522301700   1         1            1m
example-cronjob-1522301760   1         1            26s

List finished job pods:

# kubectl get pods -a
NAME                                 READY     STATUS              RESTARTS   AGE
example-cronjob-1522301700-4p68q     0/1       Completed           0          3m
example-cronjob-1522301760-x4nwd     0/1       Completed           0          2m
example-cronjob-1522301820-5qtcs     0/1       Completed           0          1m

Get logs from finished job pod:

# kubectl logs example-cronjob-1522301820-5qtcs
i am a cronjob
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