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Boo.Lang.CodeDom.Tests better linq (and c# extension methods in general) integration by auto…
Boo.Lang.Compiler.Tests reference Boo.Lang.Compiler.dll by default
Boo.Lang.Interpreter.Tests Clone temp reference to avoid problems when transforming it down the …
Boo.Lang.Parser.Tests actually include the parser test in the testcase
Boo.Lang.PatternMatching.Tests Unit tests
Boo.Lang.Runtime.Tests fall back to regular reflection when accessing literal fields (fixes …
Boo.Lang.Tests fix project references
Boo.Lang.Useful.Tests code gardening
BooCompiler.Tests merge upstream
BooCompilerResources.Tests culture specific resource files are not being maintained; .booclipse …
BooModules Renamed end variable
BooSupportingClasses BOO-1140: Nested macro extensions (support for extending external mac…
booc.Tests fix project references
testcases Fix circular inheritance check for sibling base types
.gitignore ignore obj folders test case for meta method with ResolveArgs = true better linq (and c# extension methods in general) integration by auto… update default nunit.framework.dll to be compatible with nant 0.90
test.snk boo can now create strongly named assemblies
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