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Finds all test cases under tests/integration and generates runTestCase calls
First line of test case can specify a nunit attribute to go with it:
* "// ignore reason" for [Ignore("reason")]
* "// category name" for [Category("name")]
import System.IO
import Boo.Lang.PatternMatching
def testCaseName(fname as string):
return Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(fname).Replace("-", "_")
def writeTestCases(writer as TextWriter, baseDir as string):
count = 0
for fname in Directory.GetFiles(baseDir):
continue unless fname.EndsWith(".boo")
writeTestCase(writer, fname)
for subDir in Directory.GetDirectories(baseDir):
writeTestCases(writer, subDir)
print("${count} test cases found in ${baseDir}.")
def writeTestCase(writer as TextWriter, fname as string):
[Test] def ${testCaseName(fname)}():
runTestCase("${fname.Replace('\\', '/')}")
def CategoryAttributeFor(testFile as string):
If the first line of the test case file starts with // category CategoryName
then return a suitable [CategoryName()] attribute.
match FirstLineOf(testFile):
case /\/\/\s*ignore\s+(?<reason>.*)/:
return "[Ignore(\"${reason[0].Value.Trim()}\")]"
case /\/\/\s*category\s+(?<name>.*)/:
return "[Category(\"${name[0].Value.Trim()}\")]"
return ""
def FirstLineOf(fname as string):
using reader=File.OpenText(fname):
return reader.ReadLine()
using writer = StreamWriter("src/Boojay.Compilation.Tests/"):
namespace Boojay.Compilation.Tests
import NUnit.Framework
partial class IntegrationTest:
writeTestCases(writer, "tests/integration")
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