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Bambora Python API

The goal of this library is to provide a Python implementation of the Beanstream API.

The library supports:

  • payment profiles
  • one off transactions
  • pre-authorizing transactions
  • voiding transactions
  • recurring billing
  • reporting

The library is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license (


When you have checked out this code using Git, you then just have to navigate to the root SDK source code directory and run:

python install

TLS 1.2 support

For testing instructions with our TLS1.2-only server, please refer to our developer portal

Getting started

The API is interacted with through the Gateway object. The Gateway holds all of the beanstream account configuration.

    from beanstream import gateway

    beangw = gateway.Beanstream(
        True, #require billing address
        True) #require CVD code


The gateway object has methods for constructing transactions to the Beanstream API. A transaction encapsulates the information involved in a request against the beanstream API.

Ex. Making a one off credit card transaction:

    from beanstream import gateway, billing

    beangw = create_gateway()
    card = billing.CreditCard(
        'John Doe',
        '09', '2015',

    txn = beangw.purchase(50, card, self.billing_address)
    txn.set_comments('$50 Frobinator for John Doe')
    resp = txn.commit()

    if resp.approved():
        ship_frobinator('John Doe')

Running tests

To run the tests, you will need to have nose installed, which you can install via pip:

pip install nose

Once installed, you can run the tests:


The tests attempt to make requests against the Beanstream API using the test credit cards given for sandbox use.

This project comes with the API keys for a Beanstream test account that you can use if you haven't created your own account yet.

Example config file:

    # these are values for the sample test account

    require_billing_address: false
    require_cvd: true

    merchant_id: 300200578
    payment_passcode: 4BaD82D9197b4cc4b70a221911eE9f70
    payment_profile_passcode: D97D3BE1EE964A6193D17A571D9FBC80
    reporting_passcode: 4e6Ff318bee64EA391609de89aD4CF5d
    recurring_billing_passcode: D5A56B15F58d404681aC1DE1C3fE80c4

Example Code

To see working examples of payments, recurring billing, payment profiles, and reporting, take a look at