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Python Tool to run through all the manual steps of patching a game for Trinity by TheOfficialFloW
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This is a GUI/CLI Python script that allows you to use the Trinity Playstation Vita hack by TheOfficialFloW without much effort.

This is still very much a work in progress

FinTrinity aims to make a backup of your game on your Desktop, but it never hurts for you to make an additional, manual, backup!



  • Standalone and Python Version Fully Working
  • Test with Windows 10 (64-bit) and Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit)


  • Python version possibly working. Waiting for someone to test it.
  • Standalone version probably isn't coming because I don't have a way to build it.


Standalone Version

  1. Download the latest release ending in -Linux if you are on Linux, or -Windows if you are on Windows.
  2. Double click the FinTrinity executable and click the "Patch" button.

Python 3.7.3 Version

  1. Install python 3.7.3
  2. Download the zip of this repository and double click on either or
  3. Confirm the game is correct and it should take care of the rest


GUI Screenshot 1 GUI Screenshot 2 CLI Screenshot


  • Prettier GUI
  • Ability to select from a list of games in the GUI
  • macOS support (If you know where the QCMA config is, please let me know!)

Special Thanks

TheOfficialFloW: Created Trinity (Also, all around awesome leader in the Vita community)
/u/lilracerboi: Recommended PyInstaller (Allows you to use FinTrinity w/o Python)
Piotr Pabich: Not only told me where macOS settings were, but also how to read them. Huge shout out to him for making macOS support possible.

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