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Zeek Impact Demo Game

Zeek is an Impact demo game created by Bradley and Montgomery. The game is simple platformer in a similar style to Super Mario Bros.

The game illustrates various basic features of the Impact library such as:

  • Jumping/crouching
  • Camera movement
  • Class extension
  • Sprite sheet management
  • Sound/Music management
  • Static entities
  • Projectiles
  • Collisions
  • Plugin creation
  • HUD w/ health and score
  • Weltmeister-friendly level

Only the game source is provided in this repository. An Impact license must be purchased to run the game.

This game is meant for demonstration purposes only.

All trademarks within are property of their respective holders.

All art and characters are Copyright © Bradley and Montgomery.

Learn more about Impact and HTML5 by following @CodeAtBaM.