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A collection of everyday React Native CLI tools
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Everyday tools for simpler React Native development

⚙️ Setup

In your react-native project folder, run:

yarn add -D
# OR
npm i -D

📚 Usage

Once installed, plugins are available through the React Native CLI

You can get the list of available plugins by running react-native -h within your project's folder

Command Description
set-icon generate platform specific app icons
set-splash generate platform specific splash screens

💻 Local development

  • Pull latest version
  • cd react-native-make
  • Run yarn then yarn link
  • Launch a new project with react-native init
  • In your React Native project, yarn link
  • In the package.json of your React Native project, in dependencies add "" : "0.0.0"

👉 About Bam

We are a 100 people company developing and designing multiplatform applications with React Native using the Lean & Agile methodology. To get more information on the solutions that would suit your needs, feel free to get in touch by email or through or contact form!

We will always answer you with pleasure 😁

Disclaimer: To better understand your usage of this tool, basic analytics have been enabled. It only records commands usage as anonymous page views and does not identify users in any way

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