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Everyday tools for simpler React Native development

⚙️ Setup

In your react-native project folder, run:

yarn add -D
# OR
npm i -D

Please note: This plugin only supports react-native-cli v2+

📚 Usage

Once installed, plugins are available through the React Native CLI

You can get the list of available plugins by running react-native -h within your project's folder

Command Description
set-icon generate platform specific app icons
set-splash generate platform specific splash screens

💻 Local development

  • Pull latest version
  • cd react-native-make
  • Run yarn then yarn link
  • Launch a new project with react-native init
  • In your React Native project, yarn link
  • In the package.json of your React Native project, in dependencies add "" : "0.0.0"

Changes in 3.0.0

Since 3.0.0, splashscreens for iOS are created via Xcode’s storyboard, so as to meet Apple's new requirements as of April 2020.

Disclaimer: To better understand your usage of this tool, basic analytics have been enabled. It only records commands usage as anonymous page views and does not identify users in any way