Website for personal collection and previewing of Beamer and TikZ snippets. Presented with Python/Jinja2.
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Beamer Snippets

The Beamer package enables LaTeX to produce high quality technical presentations and can be used in combination with the TikZ package for including publication-quality diagrams in presentations. However, formatting LaTeX presentations using Beamer and TikZ is difficult and time consuming, so I often reuse code snippets from previous presentations. This repository contains a collection of snippets I'm gathering from my papers and presentations, which are best viewed on this webpage. See my other LaTeX projects at bamos/cv and bamos/latex-templates.



Contributions are highly welcomed! Please add to the snippets directory, modify the preamble, and send a pull request. If you substantially modify the preamble, I recommend keeping your repo as a fork, and I'll keep a list of forks in this README.

Webpage Generation Process.

The Python 3 script produces a static website in dist. loops through the collection of snippets and uses Jinja templates to output LaTeX documents. Makefile.slides is then used to generate PNG images from each slide, and Jinja HTML templates are used to create index.html.


Grunt is used to deploy dist to Github pages in the gh-pages branch with the grunt-build-control plugin. The npm dependencies are managed in package.json and can be installed with npm install.

  • grunt generate produces the static site in dist, and
  • grunt deploy pushes the dist directory to the gh-pages branch.


All LaTeX portions are released into the public domain, and other portions are under the MIT license.