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Reading List

This repository contains my open source reading list. I keep track of books by editing the files here and the results are automatically published as a website at

This repository just contains stubbed examples of how to use this project. Ping me if you're interested in my personal reading list!


  • Plaintext and friendly data format.
  • Minimal hosting and deployment overhead.
  • Offline editing support.

Technologies Used

  • Linux and OSX. Windows should also work with Cygwin, but I haven't tried. Please file any issues related to this.
  • YAML data.
  • GitHub Pages hosts and automatically deploys a 100% client-side website that can also be edited offline. Bower manages 3rd party library dependencies used on the site, stored in bower.json.

Creating Your Reading List: Quick Start

  1. Fork or copy the contents of this repository into a new GitHub repository. Make sure the default branch is set to gh-pages for deployment. At this point, you should be able to see my site hosted at. http://<your-github-name>
  2. Update the data and personalize index.html. Push your changes to GitHub to see them immediately on the new site.
  3. Replace links to with your URL.

Local Deployment

Most browsers will not be able to open index.html directly from the filesystem because the js loads YAML resources. One workaround is to use start a simple Python static web server with python2 -m SimpleHTTPServer and access the website with localhost:8000.

Updating Bower Dependencies

Run bower update to obtain the dependencies in bower_components. Run ./ to copy the necessary portions into vendor.


The scripts directory contains Haskell and Ruby scripts to select random books and quotes from data/finished.yaml.

Import from Goodreads

The Goodreads Ruby script by @seanosaur uses Goodreads' API to import books into data files. Please follow their ToS and add appropriate references to Goodreads if this is used.

Warning: This script only pulls the first 200 books. Improvements to this are being tracked in this issue.


The following projects inspired me to create a GitHub-hosted reading list.

Name Stargazers Description
cmonty/reading-list 8 Track books I've read and any thoughts I've had. Also uses Wiki to track knowledge.
coryschires/reading-list 18 List of books and screencasts related to development, user experience design, and entrepreneurship.
DavidRagone/reading_list 2 List of books I have read related to development, user experience design, and entrepreneurship
eightbitraptor/reading_list 19
engeld/reading-list 0 A collection of my reading list and notes.
gbtekkie/ReadingList 2 handy collection of tekkie readings
jaredcacurak/reading-list 3 My reading list.

People using this repo for their reading list

Ping me if you'd like to be added or removed.

Name Stargazers Description
aerovolts/reading-list 0 My personal reading list.
ammadafsar/reading-list 0 My reading list. Made so that I add things I will later read and commit to read them all in order.
connors511/reading-list 0 My reading list. Made so that I add things I will later read and commit to read them all in order.
jakehschwartz/reading-list 0 My reading list.
markroxor/reading-list 0 My reading list.
rwfeather/reading-list 0 My reading list.
samtron1412/reading-list 0 My reading list.
seanosaur/reading_list 2
wrideout/reading-list 2 My reading list.

Credits and Licensing

All portions are MIT licensed by Brandon Amos unless otherwise noted.

This project uses and modifies the following open source projects and resources. Modifications remain under the original license.

Project Modified License
Twitter bootstrap No MIT
handlebars.js No MIT License
IronSummitMedia/startbootstrap-grayscale Yes Apache 2
makeusebrew/bootbox No MIT
MathJax No Apache
Flickr Photo Yes cc by-nc-sa 2.0
TimelineJS No Mozilla Public License