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@VT-Magnum-Research @adobe-research @locuslab @cmu-rdr @cparse
Shaojie (Jerry) Bai jerrybai1995

CMU SCS'17, MCS'17

Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA

Matthew Johnson mattjj

research scientist @ Google Brain

Google San Francisco

q quinnliu

If u can think from 1st principles and ur interested in building an AGI to solve humanities hard problems check out


Travis Dick TravisBarryDick

Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh

Nicholas Léonard nicholas-leonard

Torch, Lua, C, CUDA, deep learning, machine learning

Twitter Cortex Toronto, Canada

Alfredo Canziani Atcold

Musician, math lover, cook, dancer and lecturer who is currently pursuing a PhD in Deep Learning at e-Lab

Purdue University West Lafayette

Soumith Chintala soumith

/\︿╱\ ___________________________ \0_ 0 /╱\╱ _____________________ \▁︹_/

Facebook AI Research New York, USA

Taylor Arnold statsmaths

University of Richmond Richmond, VA

Frank Cash frankcash

(Node.js || Python)


Vishnu Ravi vishnuravi

Physician and Software Developer

New York City

Dimitris Konomis mux42

Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA

Dominic Chen ddcc

Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA

Zaki Mughal [sivoais] zmughal

biomedical image analysis (@CBL-ORION), scientific computing (@EntropyOrg, @PDLPorters), tool for thought (@project-renard). E-mail me if you want to chat!

Computational Biomedicine Lab, University of Houston Houston, Texas, United States of America, Earth, Galactic Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

Carlo C del Mundo carlodelmundo

Computer Architecture PhD student at the University of Washington.

Seattle, WA

zhixinshu zhixinshu

stony brook university Stony Brook, NY

Jan Harkes jaharkes

Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA

John P. Dickerson JohnDickerson

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Maryland; Ph.D. in Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

University of Maryland Washington, DC

Ellis Michael emichael

University of Washington Seattle, Washington

Rhema Linder rhema

Rhema Linder College Station Texas

Zhuo Chen zhuoc

Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh

Kiryong Ha krha

Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh

Wolfgang Richter theonewolf

School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA

Yali yalisassoon

Snowplow Analytics London

Alexander Dean alexanderdean

Co-founder at @snowplow

Snowplow Analytics London, UK

Ransom Mosnar

Beep boop, I write code

@venveo Blacksburg, Virginia

AJ Norton ajn123

Repoman Planet Earth

Hamilton Turner hamiltont

OptioLabs, Inc Baltimore, MD