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Bingo is a Go language server that speaks Language Server Protocol.
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Go Report Card

bingo is a Go language server that speaks Language Server Protocol.

This project was largely inspired by go-langserver.

Supported Features


bingo will support editor features as follow:

  • textDocument/hover
  • textDocument/definition
  • textDocument/xdefinition
  • textDocument/typeDefinition
  • textDocument/references
  • textDocument/implementation
  • textDocument/formatting
  • textDocument/rangeFormatting
  • textDocument/documentSymbol
  • textDocument/completion
  • textDocument/signatureHelp
  • textDocument/publishDiagnostics
  • textDocument/rename
  • textDocument/codeAction
  • textDocument/codeLens
  • workspace/symbol
  • workspace/xreferences



bingo is a go module project, so you need install Go 1.11 or above, to install the bingo, please run

go get -u


bingo's flag


print all requests and responses

--logfile <path>

log both stdout and stderr to a file

--format-style <style>

which format style is used to format documents. Supported: gofmt and goimports

--diagnostics-style <style>

which diagnostics style is used to diagnostics current document. Supported: none, instant, onsave.

--cache-style <style>

set global cache style: none, on-demand, always.

Language Client


    "go.useLanguageServer": true,
    "go.alternateTools": {
        "go-langserver": "bingo"
    "go.languageServerFlags": [
    "go.languageServerExperimentalFeatures": {
        "format": true,
        "autoComplete": true


Please reference Language server


let g:LanguageClient_rootMarkers = {
        \ 'go': ['.git', 'go.mod'],
        \ }

let g:LanguageClient_serverCommands = {
    \ 'go': ['bingo'],
    \ }


Differences between go-langserver, bingo, golsp

go-langserver is designed for online code reading such as

bingo is designed for offline editors such as vscode, vim, it focuses on code editing.

gopls is an official language server, and it is currently in early development.

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