The Bananatag API Node Library is used in conjunction Bananatag's REST API (currently in alpha, available on request only). The Bananatag REST API allows users access to all data associated with their account and sub-accounts.
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Node Library for the Bananatag API


$ npm install bananatag-api


This library has a single method that requires either three or four parameters:

 * Check data and setup makeRequest
 * @param {string} endpoint
 * @param {object} params
 * @param {object|function} options
 * @param {bool} options.getAllResults
 * @param {function} callback
BtagAPI.request = function (endpoint, params, options, callback) {};
Endpoint {String}

Please see documentation for endpoints.

Parameters {Object}

Please see documentation for each endpoints parameters

Options {Object}

Currently, this library only supports a single option:

var options = {getAllResults: false};

For more information see pagination below.

Callback (with response parameters)

The callback parameter in the request method handles the response.

* @param {string} err
* @param {string} data     JSON string
* @param {int} cursor      Where the returned results end and the next request should start.
* @param {int} total       Total records
var callback = function (err, data, cursor, total) {
   console.log(cursor); // used to fetch the next page manually (see below)
   console.log(total); // used to fetch the next page manually

    endPoint,                      // The request endpoint
    params,                        // The request parameters
    {getAllResults: false},        // If options are set then the callback is the next param

####Pagination Response data from the API is paginated. This library can assist with retrieving a single page at a time or getting all pages at once. To automatically fetch the next page until all results have been returned, use set options.getAllResults = true before making the request. The API restricts requests to 1 per second so this library delays each request accordingly.

See examples below.


Get All Tags

var BTagAPI = require('bananatag-api');
var btag = new BTagAPI('Your AuthID', 'Your Key');

btag.request('tags', {}, function (err, data) {
    if (!err) {

Get Aggregate Stats Over Date-Range

var params = {
    start: '2013-01-01',
    end: '2014-03-30', 
    aggregateData: true

btag.request('tags', params, function (err, data) {
    if (!err) {

Automatically fetch the next page of results

To automatically get all pages a result, pass in an options argument into the third parameter of the .request method. Set getAllResults property of this parameter to true (defaults to false).

btag.request('tags', params, {getAllResults: true}, function (err, data, cursor, total) {

Manually fetch the next page of results

To manually get the next page, set = cursor (cursor is returned from API). Or, if you are making the request in the same session, you can simply call btag.request again.

// Simple function to demonstrate manually retrieving the next page of results.
var params = {
    start: '2013-01-01',
    end: '2014-03-30', 
    next: 0 // Default value is 0

function getTags(i) {
    btag.request('tags', params, {getAllResults: true}, function (err, data, cursor, total) {
        if (i <= 1 && cursor < total) {
            setTimeout(function() {
                getTags((i += 1));
            }, 1200);


Running Tests

To run the test suite first invoke the following command within the repo, installing the development dependencies:

$ npm install

then run the tests:

$ npm test


Licensed under the MIT License.