Feb 9, 2019
jack variants

@bancika bancika released this Feb 9, 2019 · 15 commits to master since this release

[New Feature] Added extra work space around the layout that can be used to store additional components and helpers, but does not get exported to a file. Configurable from the menu
[New Feature] Ability to export and import building blocks and variants from the "File" menu
[New Feature] Show mouse cursor coordiantes in the status bar
[New Feature] "RCA Jack" added
[New Feature] Add switched type to "Open 1/4" Jack" component
[New Feature] Selectable coordinate origin point for all perforated boards
[Improvement] Vast improvement of rendering performance and memory management, especially with large layouts
[Improvement] Create a backup of config file when there is an issue with loading (for example running two DIYLC versions on the same machine) to avoid data loss
[Improvement] Automatically select dropped components from the component tree after they get placed
[Improvement] Better rendering of IC and transistor pins when zoomed in
[Improvement] Better rendering of guitar pickups when dragging and in outline mode
[Improvement] Better rendering of TO-3 transistor package
[Bug Fix] Drag&Drop from the component tree sometimes picks up a wrong component type
[Bug Fix] "Select All" menu option from the component tree context menu doesn't work
[Bug Fix] Components do not load if the installation directory name contains a special character, like '!'
[Bug Fix] Do not allow zero for size and spacing properties that could lead to crashes or unexpected behavior

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Feb 9, 2019
upgrade variants to new format on start
fix for variant export
Feb 9, 2019

@bancika bancika released this Feb 3, 2019 · 57 commits to master since this release

[New Feature] Ability to drag components directly from the tree to the canvas for faster process
[New Feature] "Twisted Leads" added (DIYLC v2 fans rejoice)
[New Feature] "Fuse Symbol" added
[Improvement] Better rendering precision when exporting to PDF and PNG files
[Improvement] Added confirmation dialog before deleting a building block
[Bug Fix] "PCB Text" components are not included in trace mask exports

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@bancika bancika released this Jan 28, 2019 · 74 commits to master since this release

[Improvement] Better selection rendering for a few components, mostly electro-mechanical
[Bug Fix] Jumper color switches to red on its own
[Bug Fix] Lead alignment sometimes gets rendered off by 1px for resistor and capacitor schematic symbol
[Bug Fix] Reverted Ohm symbol changes that made it render wrong on some systems
[Bug Fix] Update dialog doesn't show up when clicked on the light bulb icon in the status bar

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@bancika bancika released this Jan 23, 2019 · 80 commits to master since this release

[New Feature] "Signal Transformer" added
[New Feature] "Pilot Lamp Holder" added
[New Feature] "Radial Inductor" added
[New Feature] "Toroidal Inductor" added
[New Feature] Configurable graphics hardware acceleration
[New Feature] More flexibility with coordinate display for boards
[New Feature] "Recent Updates" added to status bar and Help menu
[Improvement] Fixed the issue with Ohm symbol rendering with some fonts and changed default project font back to "Square721 BT"
[Improvement] Better color band rendering on resistors and smarter label positioning
[Improvement] Added few pedal enclosure variants
[Improvement] Chrome-style cursors for mouse scrolling with arrows showing the exact scrolling direction
[Improvement] Do not render various jack components as completely transparent while dragging
[Bug Fix] Since 3.49, straight traces are rendered 1px thinner than curved traces of the same thickness
[Bug Fix] Since 3.49, some capacitor variants have disappeared. The fix brings them back

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@bancika bancika released this Jan 16, 2019 · 107 commits to master since this release

[New Feature] Middle mouse click activates mouse movement scroll mode, similar to web browsers
[New Feature] When "High Quality Rendering" option is checked, some components are rendered with 3D shading for better looks
[New Feature] "Fuse Holder" added
[New Feature] "Bridge Rectifier" added
[New Feature] Changed default project font again to "Lucida Console" because "Square721 BT" doesn't render Ohm symbol properly
[New Feature] Added optional arrow to the "Line" component together with configurable thickness
[New Feature] Ability to flip polarity of IC symbol
[Improvement] Use hardware acceleration for rendering to improve performance and reduce memory usage
[Improvement] Use transparency instead of rendering pins on top of transistor body
[Improvement] Leads and wires are rendered better, especially when zoomed in

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@bancika bancika released this Jan 13, 2019 · 129 commits to master since this release

[New Feature] Added "Label Orientation" property to leaded components that can be used to force component labels to be rendered horizontally instead of following component placement direction
[New Feature] "Jazz Bass Pickup" added
[New Feature] "P-Bass Pickup" added
New Feature] Filtertron pickup type added within "Humbucker Pickup" as well as screw pole pieces for all humbucker types
[New Feature] "DIP Switch" added
[New Feature] "Tantalum Capacitor" added
[New Feature] "IEC Socket" added
[New Feature] "Logic Gate (symbol)" added with 8 main gate types
[New Feature] Ability to have "Single-coil Pickup" and "Humbucker Pickup" with no poles, similar to EMG, Lace Sensor...
[Improvement] Render resistor color bands and capacitor polarity markings properly when zoomed in [Improvement] Do not allow negative values for properties indicating a size
[Bug Fix] Project font gets reverted to "Square721 BT" on Undo
[Bug Fix] Some actions do not register with Undo/Redo mechanism: project font, layer settings, group/ungroup
[Bug Fix] When loaded from an existing file, "Potentiometer Symbol" doesn't retain the specified orientation

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@bancika bancika released this Jan 9, 2019 · 163 commits to master since this release

[New Feature] Multi-section Electrolytic "Can" Capacitor added
[New Feature] Added visual indicator to the component tree showing how many variants, if any, exist for a component
[New Feature] DIYLC now comes with predefined component variants out-of-the box, in addition to user-specific variants
[Improvement] Changed default font to "Square721 BT" that looks more technical and is packaged with the app
[Improvement] Right-click rotate while placing components on the canvas now applies to tube sockets as well
[Bug Fix] Fix "Mouse Wheel Zoom" feature that got broken in 3.46.1
[Bug Fix] Include Themes (under Config menu) in the Windows installer version
[Bug Fix] Covered humbucker pickup throwing errors when rotated

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