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Stop Analyzing Embed

This is a Poppins project first-timers-only

Stop Analyzing is a tool that uses Tinder-like user interaction to help customers make up their minds when choosing something that has a lot of options, such as e-commerce products. Check this repo for more details and this issue explains how this idea was born. Stop Analyzing Embed is a web component designed to be embedded on client websites so that they can quickly & easily implement the features of the Stop Analyzing tool.

This project was made for first-time contributors and open source beginners

This project follows the Poppins manifesto guidelines as part of its community principles and policies, focusing all the decisions and interactions on providing open source beginners mentorship with real and relevant experiences, respecting each learning pace, background experience, academic formation, questions, suggestions, doubts, and opinion.

Contribute now!

So, let's start contributing! First, go to the 'Issues' tab and open a new issue, titled something like: "I want to contribute." Then, in the first comment, introduce yourself and ask for a task to be assigned to you. If you already have an issue in mind, feel free to describe it in that same comment. A mentor/maintainer will respond with a technical overview of the project and some possible ways of contributing. You will discuss the options, and when a suitable issue is agreed upon, the mentor will create a new issue and assign it to you.

That's it! Just make yourself at home, and good luck!

Getting Started

Clone the Repo

Before you start working on an issue, first you need to fork and clone the repo. There are some great instructions on how to do so here.

Configure the Project on Your Local Machine

Once you've forked and cloned the repo, it's time to run the app locally.

There are two options to build and run stop-analyzing-embed locally on your machine: using docker, or running it directly with NPM commands. Just follow the instructions below based on your preference. Regardless of which way you choose, the web server will show the hostname on the console, something like this:

stop-analyzing-embed | Listening on http://738e062f602e:8000,,

In the example above, you would navigate to localhost:8000 to view the app.

Using Docker

To run with docker-compose, open your cloned project and navigate into the root directory (the same directory where the Dockerfile is located). Then, open a terminal session and enter the following:

$ docker-compose up

The above command will spin up the development server right away, but it may take a couple of minutes to build. So, just be patient.

If you prefer to work on the Dockerfile directly:

$ docker build . --tag stop-analyzing-embed:latest

Using a Development Environment

To run with NPM, first change your terminal session in the app directory. Then, make sure to install all the dependencies:

$ cd app
$ npm install

When the dependencies have all been installed, you're ready to run the application:

$ npm run dev

Important: make sure you have NPM installed in your machine.

Thats it! We are ready to go!

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