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Bancor is a decentralized liquidity protocol supporting automated token trading


  1. carbon-contracts carbon-contracts Public

    Carbon is a fully decentralized protocol for automating on-chain trading strategies.

    Solidity 91 34

  2. carbon-sdk carbon-sdk Public

    TypeScript 8 7

  3. carbon-simulator carbon-simulator Public

    This is an open-source python package developed by Bancor Research. It is meant to assist in the design, testing, and validating of the Carbon Protocol.

    Jupyter Notebook 25 8

  4. fastlane-bot fastlane-bot Public

    Fast Lane, an open-source arbitrage protocol, allows any user to perform arbitrage between Bancor ecosystem protocols and external exchanges and redirect arbitrage profits back to the protocol.

    Jupyter Notebook 116 44

  5. carbon-app carbon-app Public

    TypeScript 21 12


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