Bancor Protocol Contracts for EOS
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Bancor Protocol Contracts v1.1 (beta)

Bancor is a decentralized liquidity network that provides users with a simple, low-cost way to buy and sell tokens. Bancor’s open-source protocol empowers tokens with built-in convertibility directly through their smart contracts, allowing integrated tokens to be instantly converted for one another, without needing to match buyers and sellers in an exchange. The Bancor Wallet enables automated token conversions directly from within the wallet, at prices that are more predictable than exchanges and resistant to manipulation. To convert tokens instantly, including ETH, EOS, DAI and more, visit the Bancor Web App, join the Bancor Telegram group or read the Bancor Protocol™ Whitepaper for more information.


The Bancor protocol represents the first technological solution for the classic problem in economics known as the “Double Coincidence of Wants”, in the domain of asset exchange. For barter, the coincidence of wants problem was solved through money. For money, exchanges still rely on labor, via bid/ask orders and trade between external agents, to make markets and supply liquidity.

Through the use of smart-contracts, Smart Tokens can be created that hold one or more other tokens as connectors. Tokens may represent existing national currencies or other types of assets. By using a connector token model and algorithmically-calculated conversion rates, the Bancor Protocol creates a new type of ecosystem for asset exchange, with no central control. This decentralized hierarchical monetary system lays the foundation for an autonomous decentralized global exchange with numerous and substantial advantages.


Bancor is a work in progress. Make sure you understand the risks before using it.


Bancor protocol is implemented using multiple contracts. The main ones are a version of eosio.token contract, BancorNetwork and BancorConverter. BancorNetwork is the entry point for any token to any token conversion. BancorConverter is responsible for converting between a specific token and its own reserves.

In order to execute a conversion, the caller needs to transfer tokens to the BancorNetwork contract with specific conversion instructions in the transfer memo.

See each contract for a description and general usage information.


Tests are included and can be run using fungi.


  • Node.js v7.6.0+



Bancor Protocol is open source and distributed under the Apache License v2.0