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-NodeJS FileSharer is a widget application based on NodeJS, SocketIO, HTML and JavaScript.
-Easy to use as complete implementation is provided for your reference.
-It allows user to share files in a peer-to-peer network by uploading the files to a server.
-Other users can download the files from the list of uploaded files shown.
-Users can view/ open as well as download files.
-Its very simple application but quite useful in terms of peer-to-peer networking and collaboration.
-Steps for using this application:
-1. Download the zip file and extract all the files
-2. Run file_server.js file on your nodejs server
-3. Run the index.html file or add it in apache wookie as a widget
-4. Now you can share files between peers
-5. Enjoy!!
-6. Feel free to comment or add anything useful.

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