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The Testability framework for Unity3D
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The testability framework for Unity3D, offering:

  • Plain Old C Sharp, testable MonoBehaviour equivalents
  • Unit/integration test your code outside of Unity in your IDE of choice
  • A robust and flexible way of creating GameObjects automatically, by inference of the code that drives them
  • Constructors!
  • An extremely flexible code base – in short, the benefits of Dependency injection + Inversion of control
  • MonoDevelop 3.0 - NOT the Unity bundled version

The Unity bundled version of Monodevelop is borked; the unit test runner is broken. Get the latest version from

To get started
  • Open the project in Unity
  • Choose Assets/Sync Monodevelop project to rebuild the Unity managed csproj files
  • In MonoDevelop 3.0, open the test project at /src/test/Test.sln
  • Run the unit tests
  • Load and run the example scenes within Unity
To build and run the Unit tests from the terminal (OSX)


To run the example scene

Open the project in Unity and load the 'example' scene.

Read more about Uniject

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