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AirConnect package for Synology NAS and Synology Router

‼️ This repository is not maintained anymore, please check out instead.

Latest release

A minimal Synology package for AirConnect. It allows you to use AirPlay to stream to UPnP/Sonos & Chromecast devices.

How to install

Download the pre-built Synology package

You can find the available packages under Releases for three different architecture groups:

  • ARMv7: ipq806x armada370 armadaxp armada375 armada38x alpine alpine4k monaco comcerto2k
  • ARMv8: rtd1296
  • Intel - 32-bit: x86 cedarview bromolow evansport avoton braswell broadwell apollolake
  • Intel - 64-bit (DSM 6.0+): x86_64

You can check which architecture you have here.

For the Synology Routers you should use the ARM version.

Install in Package Center

Open the Package Center app.

As this package is not an official Synology package you may have to allow packages from any publisher. Go to Settings and set the Trust Level to "Any publisher".

Click on Manual Install and upload the package you just downloaded.

Don't forget to change back the Trust level to "Synology Inc." for additional security.

How it works

It runs the AirConnect processes with the following options:

airupnp -b [router local ip]:49154 -z -l 1000:2000 -f /tmp/airupnp.log -d all=error -d main=info

aircast -b [router local ip] -z -l 1000:2000 -f /tmp/aircast.log -d all=error -d main=info

The process is running with a low-privilege user.

The processes will only recognise your devices if they are bound to the appropriate local network IP, but this is not trivial as there are various Synology devices and network setups. The start script will check all your local network interfaces (with ip 192.168.* or 10.* or 172.16.* - 172.31.*) and checks if the airupnp/aircast processes add any devices (based on the logs). It there are no devices added in 5 seconds it will try the next interface. For the automatic IP discovery to work you should have at least one UPnP/Sonos/Chromecast device on your network.

If the start script is not able to find the right IP automatically you can fix it in scripts/start-stop-status by setting your own local IP and building your own package. Look for the following lines:

# If you want to start the airconnect processes on a specific IP please uncomment the following lines
# and set your own local IP address:
# start_airconnect_on_ip "" || true
# return  0

Alternatively you can open an issue and include your network interface list and your local IP.


Optionally run shellcheck:

make shellcheck

Build packages for all architectures:

make clean build-all

Build a package for only one architecture:

ARCH=arm make clean build

Possible values for ARCH: arm, aarch64, x86, x86-64

You can find the built packages in the dist directory.


You can see the error logs by going to the Package Center and clicking View Log on the package's page. If you want to see more logs then change the -d all=error parameter in scripts/start-stop-status and rebuild the package, then install it again from the dist directory.