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RPC Framework for Distributed Computing
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Szalai András authored

MyRPC: RPC Framework for Distributed Computing

MyRPC is a remote procedure call framework designed to easily connect heterogeneous systems.

Short summary of MyRPC features

  • No external dependencies.
  • Cross-platform capability.
  • IDL-based client and server stub generation.
  • Binary capable (no need for escaping of binary data).
  • Single roundtrip protocol, ideal for HTTP (but no limited to).
  • Support various data types: string, binary, signed and unsigned integers, floating point, list, structure and enumeration.
  • All data types are supported on all platforms.
  • Support exceptions.
  • Correct input validation of the received messages.
  • Legacy free code (since we are new :).


(This framework heavily borrows ideas from Apache Thrift, however it is redesigned & rewritten from scratch).

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