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tweet rain

These are Nebri instances working to tweet rain-related weather information using feeds from Yahoo! Weather on top of [yweather] 1 and [twitter] 2 Python packages.

yweather processes

The first script yweather_scrapper is for getting weather info based-on location. I then make Nebri drips for two locations of my interest where I commute and live, the city of Jakarta and Bogor. These drips are set each to every 3 hours and every 3 hours 35 minutes.

Second script yweather_forecast is for getting forecast of weather instead. I also then make Nebri drips for the same two locations, but setting them to two times a day (morning and evening).

Rain related codes that are used to filter the weather feeds are:

Code Description
0 tornado
1 tropical storm
2 hurricane
3 severe thunderstorms
4 thunderstorms
11 showers
12 showers
21 haze
24 windy
26 cloudy
27 mostly cloudy (night)
28 mostly cloudy (day)
38 scattered thunderstorms
39 scattered thunderstorms
40 scattered showers

twitter processes

The twitter scripts are only extensions to each yweather script, hence there are two. Pretty basics.

unit test scripts

For each process, there is unit test script for troubleshooting.