A Cookiecutter for Python packages with automatic documentation
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gendocs Cookiecutter

This is a Cookiecutter for using the gendocs automatic documentation package to create new Python packages that will have automatically generated documentation.

create all the needed project structure for your new, automatically documented Python package.

Get Started

Install gendocs and cookiecutter from PyPI:

$ pip install gendocs
$ pip install cookiecutter

Now you can use Cookiecutter to create a new project ready for gendocs by executing the following command and following the prompts:

$ cookiecutter https://github.com/banesullivan/cookiecutter-gendocs.git

That's it! Now you have a new Python project ready for automatic documentation and deployment.


We alway welcome contributions! Do you want more functionality from this Cookiecutter or from gendocs? Then please considering making a merge request!